How I measure up to Don's list

So usually I feel its ridiculous to compare yourself to something or someone because everyone, especially me, has their own swagger and essence about them that make them special. But I don't have jack nothing to post about today... and a little extra time on my hands since everybody and they mama at the job are in AZ for the Superbowl, so I decided to compare myself to my blog brother Don's list of what he's learned about himself in respects to women. (Don has a lot of blog boo's so I hope I don't make anybody mad. I actually heard he has a couple stalkers, but we'll leave that convo for another day...LOL)

  • comfortable with being in the bathroom with one another while either person sits on the toilet i have gotten to this point with someone, but it took a minute... a good minute...LOL
  • cooks at least twice a week, and doesn't cook the same dinner; I got her faded at least 3 days a week I am so not the domesticated type, I am such a business woman, but twice a week is not that bad at all and I can cook, just don't like to. And if he's cooking 3 nights, I can definitely chuck it up for 2 of them. Which leaves 2 lovely nights that we go out for dinner. I can dig that.
  • don't act funny every time she has a few dollars in her pocket I am very generous when I am really feeling someone... that's all I am going to say about that. But I have done a surprise birthday trip to jamaica. he had no idea... it was real cute...
  • practices good hygiene; I adore clean women always
  • wears casual shoes more times than she wears gym shoes dang don, what do you mean by casual, because I will put on a pair of nike's or some tims a lot faster than I will some heels.
  • loves to wear no makeup, comb her hair back, throw on some jeans and a t-shirt; but can get so fresh and so clean when the time calls I only wear make-up when out and about on the town, hardly ever to work unless I know I have plans after work, or will be in the midst of some very important people, love the jeans and a tee look, actually some vc pink sweatpants and a wifebeater are the main attraction in the house, but trust when its time to paint the town red, I got the gear for that...
  • absolutely cannot stand a nasty house the reason why I have went threw a couple roommates, I just cannot stand a dirty house, especially in public areas like the livingroom, bathroom, and kitchen.
  • works out; a sexy body; doesn't have a perfect body don't work out regularly, and dont think my body is extra sexy either, but it works for me
  • read and write ish that challenges me I hope what I do challenges my man
  • drinks casually, never smokes weed That's me, and I don't smoke anything else either, cant stand the smell of smoke... I was so happy when they made that rule that you cant smoke cigarettes in doors in NYC anymore. That ish got me spoiled, every time I'm out of town and go out I'm like why are people smoking in here, I keep forgetting that rule doesn't apply everywhere
  • probably has the same best friend she's had all her life sorry, i failed at this one... unless you want to count my mom...
  • doesn't tell her friends and family ALL of her business, whether it's good or bad that's so me... they wouldn't know what to do with it anyway, can't give any credible advice. I tell my mom almost everything though.
  • comfortable with who she is, who she's not You know my motto, "Wasn't born an original to die a clone"
  • loves to get away, or disappear as I like to refer to it as Always, I got a getaway planned for next weekend.
  • willing to foot a lunch or dinner bill Yup, I'm never stingy
  • just as sexy on the inside as she is on the outside; I am drawn to smart women I would hope I'm sexy more on the inside than I am on the outside
  • doesn't use people nor allow people to use her; not even me Definitely not the one to be used... and I don't use people either, its just rude, and it will come back on you
  • still daddy's little girl after all these years Nada, never been one, I was a grandaddy's little girl until he died, my dad needed a son, so he didn't know what the heck to do with me. We have more of a buddy buddy relationship
  • her and her mom are like best friends And you know this man!
  • spiritually inclined, but doesn't drag me into church every sunday morning Yes, and how am I gon drag you if I don't go every sunday... Lord forgive me for missing last sunday... but I had been the last 4-5 sundays in a row before that.
  • spontaneous; does things such as simply lay in bed and cuddle all day Saturday I only like to cuddle with dudes that have body to them... like 6'4 250 lbs of solidness... if you got that we can cuddle all day everyday... I am very spontaneous though, and goofy as hell
  • doesn't try and count my cheese; always pays her share of the bills of course, I seriously am going to have a separate and joint account when I get married, I feel we can still have our own ish and then put some aside for the household
  • good with her children; that says a lot about who she is I have a god daughter and 2 nephews and I am good with them... I ain't really big on kids though especially if they are mine because I cant just give them back to the right owners when I want... Being a mom scares the ish outta of me so we'll leave that for another day. I already know I cant deal with having a daughter. I have to have boys.
  • forces me to continously earn her trust; keeps me on my toes; makes me better person once you got it, only you can jack that up...
  • not quick to allow her family and friends to get inside her head never, they too damn crazy
  • loves poetry 2 snaps
  • enough chemistry to where no words really have to be spoken I long for this
  • sings in the shower I try
  • about some business About nothing but business
  • her heart has been broken before; I think she can appreciate someone who treats her right Exactly, the reason I am still friends with the one that broke mine, it took a minute but I appreciate everything our relationship was because it taught me what love DOESN'T feel like so that I will know what it is when it really does hit.
  • silly, but not too silly; laughter warms my heart I'm goofy as hell
  • great kisser I am not big on kisser, I can kiss, but aint with all that mess
  • doesn't flirt in my company; I understand she may flirt when I'm not uuhhh... no comment
  • understands me enough to realize when I need my space, and vice versa of course
  • a complete freak in bed; good head, can take d*ck; her coochie taste like peaches and cream; made me work for it not a freak in bed, I don't think, silencio on the second part, 3rd part, well I would think so, and no more like strawberries and creme... and you definitely have to work
  • loves to lay across my chest and watch television If your chest is big enough, hells yeah, I love to lay my head on a man's chest
  • had good game, but fully understand how it's not about "game" when it comes to us That's a good one blog brother, and I digs it
  • will curse me out if I ask her to do a 3some I couldn't have said it better, make have added a rolling of the eyes, or something but yup that's me
  • knows me like the back of her hand I don't know you beyond the blog world, but when I find the one, yes I hope to know him like the back of my hand
  • a blind man can see how she doesn't grow on trees I'd like to think so
  • has a great understanding of what we're trying to do as a couple This is what every couple longs for
  • able to complete each other's sentence Truly kinetic.
  • clever; content; knows her worth and when she is receiving her worth And you know this man!
  • not caught up in this fake asz world; she's too real for that Eb the Celeb keeps it real!
  • the ability to look over me whenever I am on some mo' ish, and vice versa I have a huge prob with ignoring and removing myself from ignorance so this would not be a prob at all.
  • can sit and talk to each other hours; thoroughly able to convey her inner feelings; mental orgasm It gets no better than this.
  • knows the difference between rap music and hip hop music; but still can crank out that soulja boy tell 'em dance Yooooooouuuuuuuuuu!!!!! LMAO... I've been know to cut a rug a time or two and you know I am a music head.
  • listens to R&B music more than I do; able to turn me on to her favorite artists I am an R&B head, Old Skool - New, enough said
  • has a favorite NBA and NFL teams Cowboys all day baby, you already know this!
  • believe in U.F.O.'s (inside joke) I don't get the joke, nor do I think I want to so I will leave that be
  • we know how the other likes their bath water Too Sweet, I like mine so hot that its almost unbearable to sit in, with a lot of bubbles and bath oil.
  • we don't have a problem with one person driving the other's car Of course not, and hopefully we'll be rich enough to have someone driving us around anyway so we wont even have to worry about it.
  • loves the simple things in life Me all day, definitely not the boughee or glamorous type, I am too laidback for my own good sometimes.
  • we have a lot in common I hope me and my brother to the night have a lot in common, actually I know we will otherwise he wouldn't make it to that title of being the brother to the night
  • has nothing to hide; but still rambles through my stuff when I'm not home Um... I don't know if I would ramble threw my man's things... but then again, what's his is mine and what's mine is his so it would be like me rambling threw my own things right? LOL
  • doesn't take each other for granted; works to make the relationship stronger and stronger; understands how we only get One Shot At Love, cause when you really sit and think about it, that really is all we get Real Talk!!!

Thanks big blog brother for giving me something to post about today!


KIKI January 31, 2008 at 6:26 PM

So I see I'm not the only one Mr. Don insipired. I was already gonna do something like it and after reading his blog today, it may be sooner! I like your answers...I think mine woulda been similar...

ROFL@the one about flirting...

Opinionated Diva January 31, 2008 at 7:32 PM

I can see being comfortable enough to use the bathroom around someone, but I can't see being in there while they're doing the buiness or wanting them in the bathroom while I'm doing the business (why - unless their sick or something?) really don't get the point of that one!

LMAO @ the inside's an inside joke, so yeah I wont even begin to understand that one either.

Overall, I loved your answers Eb!

Ticia January 31, 2008 at 8:29 PM

I had no problem using the bathroom... LOL---
I didn't care... *is that bad*

Good list!

Don January 31, 2008 at 9:45 PM


I didn't realize you put this post up today. My bad. My phone wasn't getting online earlier. I stopped trying, eventually.

I like how we see eye to eye on how real love isn't about second chance. And you definitely keep it real. Painfully real. lol. Yep, you have good game.

Isn't there just something special about one knowing how the other likes their bath water? Maybe I'm just an ol' simple ass mofo.

Cowboys. lol.

You definitely have the R&B game on lock. You know way more than I do.

Mental orgasm & no words needed is that vibe. I like that vibe.

I can't speak on the sexualness, cause that would be incest. Right? I do learn. I like your sense of humor. You are a hustler. I feel that.

You are a flirt. Love poetry. I don't think you like kids too much. lol. You gets paid. Women in sandals with sexy walks are killer.

Your mom is the bomb mom. I hope for the same, through that, I can share that type of love. You're sexy. You bully people too much though. lol. Shit, you do!

You definitely getaway. Women with the supreme bodies are too much for me to handle. I'm too old for that stuff.

You are definitely the type to do the makeover. I always dig that about you. You appear real.

lol @ it took a minute on the bathroom thing.

Don January 31, 2008 at 9:48 PM

@ kiki: definitely. I think everyone should do ther own personal list. I'll be there.

@ jasmin: If a woman can pull of the bathroom thing, to me, that shows she is without hang-up's

The UFO thing was an inside joke. You'll be surprised at how much fun it is, convincing a woman that UFOs exist.

Eb the Celeb January 31, 2008 at 10:57 PM

Look at Don trying to analyze me... I love when men try to figure me out... I have yet to find that someone that had me down to a T.

Ms.Lady February 1, 2008 at 1:37 AM

1st time visiting your spot
And lovin it I must say...

Awesome def' kept it real.

GERALD February 1, 2008 at 5:26 AM

ma' first time here...
Ive liked the post...
keep on ..

Don February 1, 2008 at 12:01 PM

@ ebonne: I did the best I can do considering we're on a blog. I think I was correct on a few.

You put that wall up because you feel you have to. Maybe we all do the same, but when you're wall is removed, I think you will show the sweet side of you that maybe was hurt too bad, once upon a time?

Hold up man, this aint even how me and you

James Tubman February 1, 2008 at 2:16 PM

that's a pretty extensive list

i don't know if anyobdy can meet all of those qualifications

just give me a woman who's not retarted lol

i can make her into anything i want her to be

Eb the Celeb February 1, 2008 at 5:18 PM

LOL @ Don - its all love!

@ James - U stupid...

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