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So I recently read a poll on Mes Deux Spot that asked if you would be willing to cancel your cable for 6 months to protest the negative portrayals of African Americans on television. It was weird for me to respond a simple yes or no to the question. We obviously need to take a stand but I just couldnt fathom that it would actually change the programming structure. Indeed we are still a minority so some white people are watching these shows and finding them amusing and thus the reason they are a success. They would continue to watch and most definitely would not be involved in the boycott. Also, there is the myth that the majority of African Americans have bootleg or the hook-up cable anyway, so how much would it actually effect the revenue of cable providers enough for them to make enough of a programming change. Then I stumbled upon a new blog The Bomb Shit. Fly Ty had a video up of some clips from the new Boondocks episode where they are going hard at BET. Here's the video:

I just want to hear from my people out there, what they feel needs to be done in order to get credible African American shows on television. I dont feel there is a big problem with the programming, I just feel there is no balance. With other races, they have their comedies, their dramas, their stereotypical shows. I just feel we dont have enough of a balance. BET has the platform to provide that programming and have failed us miserably. TVOne has stepped up to the plate where BET has fell behind but BET is still going to get more veiwers than TVOne. Isnt it more our responsibility to teach our children growing up the value of what they should be watching and not on blaming the networks and writers? They are only writing to cater to what we watch. If we didnt watch it, they wouldnt write it. So what are the first steps???


maverick January 5, 2008 at 3:14 PM

hey nice post...well coming to the topic..abt what needs to be done..i believe there has to be a joint effort frm the society and the in india..u cant ve ads on tobacco n alcohol on tv or movies...or in public places..similarly..coming to wat to watch..society does have some role to play..but its very ambiguous n especially in a country like india where there are more than a 100 cultures n the first step can b the govt...actually it can b effective as well..


Homer is My Co-pilot January 5, 2008 at 4:01 PM

Fist let me say that I really need to start watching the boondocks again, I miss seeing the comic strip in the paper. I actually gave up on this topic a while ago. BET is owned by viacom which also owns MTV so of course the programming is going to be the same, you go with what works. You should read Russel Simmons book and see how hard a time he had getting MTV to make "Runs House" without it being ghettofied. Once Bob Johnson sold BET that was the end of the black TV network. If we really want to see change we need to get into hollywood and become writers and producers or own our own studios and networks. Look at Ice Cube, he started making and producing his own stuff same with Chris Rock.

Don January 7, 2008 at 4:07 AM

I think highly of both you and Mes Deaux Cents, but I need my cable. lol.

What? I do!

-Q. January 7, 2008 at 6:28 PM

How bout them Giants Eb the Celeb?!!!

Great post first of all. This is a topic thats getting old fast nonetheless very important.. I think you hit it right on the head when u said that IT IS our responsiblilty to teach our children period... If your child doesnt have their values and principles in order take a llok at the partent- thats how it was back in the day and that shit dont change, atleast in my eyes..
Time is different and things are geared for much more mature audiences. The Boondocks have caught alot of flack from plenty of the black audience. Suprisingly to me many people dont see the (what i thought to be) obvious messages addressing us as black people in that program. I think it is just as socially challenging, with our interest in mind,as the comic in the paper just contoured to address a different medium.
-Ownership is the first thing- in the home..
There isnt a child subject to the streets without being LET GO(somehow), same wit the music and tv..
There really is no other step bc there will always be people that want certain types of etertainment and will support it. Also the curious youth will always (like we did) get to the "source"- so we like our parents annies and uncles and pop-pops alike did, WE have to prove the rightious indifferent from the masses.. before they step foot out the door.

See you in the Dome EB.. Your 'Boys better have on their choosin' shoes lol peacenluv -Q.
(sorry for droppin so much science lol)

Eb the Celeb January 7, 2008 at 6:47 PM

@mav - I think the govt already has enough control in this country.. at least while Bush is in the house

@Homer - we definitely have to do more of our own stuff... so look out for Jonesin' Enterprises and support it when it blows up...LOL

@Don- I need my cable too

@Q- you know you can drop as much science as you want

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