No winter rendezvous YET, & 4 types of men

Reflecting on being a little behind this year when it comes to my winter love. So I dont know why, honestly I never do this on purpose, but every year around Halloween I usually find someone I'm digging. Either I've been talking to them for a while and finally starting to realize that I like them, or someone intriguing right off the bat enters my life. Last year I just so happened to get back in touch with someone I went to high school with and we hit it off. Its always been perfect because I've had someone to cuddle with since its the time of year when it just starts to get cold out, you have someone to spend the best holidays with between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentines Day. Like clockwork either I start acting up or they start acting up and by March or April, the winter love affair is over. Which some might be sad about but I'm always content. It leaves me single and ready to mingle for my brithday in May and then living the lavish life all summer. This year though, I'm a little behind schedule. Its about to be Thanksgiving and not one potential winter rendezvous. Not the slightest lead to anything romantic. I'm not bitter because I realized I dont really want a boyfriend. Every girl always has a boo (we have to keep him tucked away for emergencies), but what I really want right now is a maintenance man. For those reading and dont know the 4 different types of men, here it is:
He is the sweetest, loving, kind man you know. His intellect makes him sexy although he is handsome. He treats you like a queen and puts you first. He takes care of the kids, you and home. This is the man you love coming home to. He spoils you with gifts and is a hard worker.

This one is sexy as hell! This is the dude that you've known for years, kinda your homey-lover-friend! No matter who is in your life or who is in his life, you and your BOO seem to always have a thing for each other. Your BOO has a wifey, so he has as much to lose as you do, therefore you are guaranteed that ya'll relationship is on the 'DL'. You run to your BOO when your husband "F" up! Your BOO gives you comfort and the sex is da bomb, wh ich explains why you can't leave him alone!

This is Mr. Wine and Dine. He has the charm, the romance and a body like a stripper! He is the one you call every now an then when HUSBAND and BOO done pissed you off! He really wants to be your HUSBAND or BOO on the low but he knows his role. HUSBAND will never suspect a thing because this man is the deacon at your church and well respected in the community so no one would know of ya'll secret love affair. You sneak and go on trips and getaways. He keeps that bank account tight .

This is the man we fantasize about when HUSBAND, BOO and THE MAINTENANCE man just not doing it for you! This is Mr. Bad Boy, he got the body from hell, the tattoos, and the motorcycle. You call on him when you want your back blown out, the bottom hit, and you want to walk bow legged for a couple days. He is the man HUSBAND sees and knows he needs to get on the treadmill to lose those extra pounds he has gained since ya'll been marri ed. THE RUFF NECK is the one that rock the suits in the day and trade the Armani in for tims and jeans at night. He is pulled out in emergencies only and you can't resist to get your freak on in the craziest places, (in the car, the back of a vacant building, etc.) because his main goal is to tear it up! THE RUFF NECK is in your cell phone as one of your homegirls named Tee-Tee!


Skinny Black Chick November 20, 2007 at 10:55 AM

The ever-convenient Boo is always a must-have. I refer to that guy as a Mr. Goodbar (for obvious reasons!)

Anonymous November 20, 2007 at 2:24 PM

Amen to that!

soumynona November 20, 2007 at 5:24 PM

SBC is hilarious!! Ive seen the list and will refrain to what categor(ies) ive been placed in, but Eb as long as you hug yourself this Holiday season, you will be just fine - and if that doesnt help Im sure it wont be hard for you to find a lil boo

Ebonne November 21, 2007 at 8:51 AM

Thx soumynona but hugging myself aint gon scratch that

@ SBC - I like that nickname... may have to make that the nickname in my cell phone instead of; my boo isnt local so I'm in a bit of a bind since I just cant hop on a plane everytime I need a fix.

Ticia November 27, 2007 at 10:34 PM

I want the husband and the boo.. damn.. did I say that......
Only one at a time....thats better : )

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