I am loving Ray Lavender right now

Or you may know him as Ray L. Or maybe you have no idea who I'm talking about but if I say "My girl gotta girlfriend" I'm sure something will start to click. He had the big hit that took over the airwaves this past summer. Here's the video if you still have no idea what I'm talking about.

Never a big fan of the song, but you have to admit that it was catchy. Surely thought he would be a 1 hit wonder, he didnt seem to have too much of any vocals skill on this joint. Especially since I have absolutely no faith in Konvict Music (Akon's label) I really feel he is starting to oversaturate himself (Akon that is not Ray L). But back in September I saw Mr. Ray live, and the boy can sang. It also helped that he didnt fall into the usual star persona of being short because this brotha is at least 6'3 or 6'4. I immediately fell in love when I saw how tall he was in person. Well he has a new song that I have been bumping in my ipod for the past couple weeks that shows he does have some vocal talent so I felt compelled to share. Especially since it brings up such an interesting topic. The song is called "Checkin' my phone." Click on the picture to listen.
This song brought up so many memories, and I'm sure my fellow RBW's and my RBM's have stories to tell about their phone being check or them checking someone else's. I have been on both sides of the fence so I am going to share both. Feel free to comment with your stories.

Checkin' his phone:
So in college between my junior and senior year I had a live-in boyfriend. Trouble from the start but we were both young, in love, and hard-headed. When I look back now I cant even believe that I ever thought it would work. Anyway, he had to move back to NYC in November of my senior year to help his mom out with some stuff. I thought for sure that we could made the long distance thing work. Living together for almost a year we knew everything about each other. Passwords to everything, so I knew the password to his sprint account. At the time, you could check phone bill call logs, and text message logs online, dont know if that is still the case since I am a verizon customer now. Anyway, We had the entire year planned when/where we would see each other to make it work until I graduated that May and joined him in NYC. Thanksgivng he came down to see me, Christmas I went up to see him, Valentines he was suppose to come down and see me, then we would belt it out for 3 more months until he came down in may for my graduation. Although, last minute all of a sudden he couldnt come down for Valentines. I cant even remember the story he made up but it sounded fishy so I checked his text message log online. He has all these messages from a chick in VA that was going to come up and see him for Valentines and that's why he wasnt coming to see me. So sometimes checking a guy's stuff puts you better off. Especially when he cant be trusted.
Havin my phone checked:
So the person above, me and him are still friends. We speak from time to time. We even occasionally see each other in the club, and you can feel the chemistry but nothing will ever come of it. I have outgrown him tremendously. But we all occasionally have that drunk call. You're drunk and feeling extra sexy and you call the ex in the middle of the night to see whazup. Well last winter, me and the hubby at the time were in bed, it was about 3 am, and the person above kept calling my phone... over and over and over. The hubby knew who it was because his ringer is Beyonce "irreplaceable" So hubby starts to get pissed, and is like just answer the damn phone, since I put it on silent and he can still see it lighting up since its pitch black in the room. I knew what the deal was so I wasnt about to answer it so hubby could hear that conversation. The next morning when hubby gets in the shower, I call the ex to tell him that he was dead wrong for that and that hubby was in the bed right next to me. Told him that it really had to stop, since at that time it had been at least 2 years since me and him were intimate. He agreed and apologized, and that was that. At least I thought. But when I got up to go get in the shower hubby checked my phone and saw that I called dude. Turned into a big fight and I ended up flipping it and making him feel stupid for checking my phone in the first place.



Philly's Andrea November 27, 2007 at 9:08 PM

Oh God no, this is a on going battle in my house. I had to cancel my phone number, switch accounts and stop the damn paper trail on my phone and all of this is cause for my now approaching divorce because my husband drives me freakin crazy with it. I say don't go looking for what you don't want to know and if you already know--what the hell are you looking for? If a huntch ain't good enough, let sleeping do lye, or however that saying goes.

Ticia November 27, 2007 at 10:22 PM

Sorry boo.. I don't have a story for you!! LOLOLOLOLOL---

But, man.. that surely sounds like D-R-A-M-A

Don November 28, 2007 at 1:51 PM

Yeah y'all women are good @ setting up online phone accounts so y'all can check our bill...

You are married?

Blah Blah Blah November 28, 2007 at 5:36 PM

...I don't go looking... never have. My phone has been checked, hijacked, and whatever else... budda... my standard answer is...
"so, now that you know...whatchu wanna do about it?"

Which usually results in a few...baby's and other punkish ish. Yea, I'mma ass like that.

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