More greatly needed inspiration today!

So I was reading Clutch mag's interview with Amy DuBois Barnett about her new book ""Get yours!" I decided to go to her website to get more info before I went to Amazon to purchase the book even though I was already intrigued by the interview. She has these different quizzes on her site. The quiz was on Chapter Six of the book "Are You the Head Honey in Charge?" Was this a coincidence... I think not, God again trying to let me know everything will be alright. Here are the results of my quiz:


Living to Love What You Do
You may not have your dream job yet, but you will! In fact, you may have several before you retire. Your ambition is balanced by an understanding that your career should nurture your mind, heart, and soul. In your book, a fat salary doesn’t necessarily mean success—you wouldn’t stay in a job you hated no matter how much it paid. Plus, you seek out people who are passionate and inspiring, surrounding yourself with possibility. Of course, the underside to all your goals and desires can be anxiety and doubt—no one, not even a confident, talented woman such as yourself, likes the prospect of failure. Some tips to avoid it: Stay out of debt and invest wisely (so you can live off your savings for a while if you have to); make connections before you need them (it’s not brown–nosing, it’s networking); and finally, it’s better to plan than act on impetuous impulse. Having a pencil blueprint of what you want and how you’ll get there really helps.

This really reflects me and the advice was very encouraging.


Skinny Black Chick November 5, 2007 at 2:50 PM

I have this book and I tell you, it is the shit! She's so dead on with so many of her points, it's crazy!

MysTery November 5, 2007 at 7:08 PM

Great post! Thanks for sharing!!

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