A black movie I forgot...

Last week I highlighted 3 movies that I am excited about seeing this holiday season and even though I probably wont pay to see this in the theaters I felt I shouldnt deprive the rest of the world of something that may interest them. "The Perfect Holiday" starring Morris Chestnut, Gabrielle Union, Charlie Murphy, Queen Latifah, Kat Williams, the list goes on. Terrence Howard is even in this movie and it seems that after doing high caliber movies like crash that he wouldnt need to take roles like this anymore but I dont know. I just hope he doesnt fall in that trap that Cuba Gooding Jr. does because he gets the most ridiculous roles now after starting his career off strong. Ultimately it doesnt interest me because it looks like another version of "Are we there yet?" But here is the trailer anyway. It will be in theatres Dec. 12th.

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