Feeling unappreciated!

It's amazing the things God puts before you in order to keep you encouraged. I had a really trying day at work yesterday and then had a midterm last night. I have been dealing with a lot of uncertainties in my job situation lately and have really had to "Wooooo-saaahhh" in order to keep from cussing every one here out. Well, I woke up this morning and checked my email and on the Yahoo front page they had the following video from Good Morning America.

Most important line from this piece for me is "I'm glad she's full of herself, she's earned it. She's done such an awesome job!" I really needed to hear that this morning after yesterday since no one seems to say that here on the job. Yes, I know I come off as a bitch most of the time, but I get the job done. For someone to question my work ethic because I dont walk around the office smiling all the time and kissing everyone's a$$ like all the other people around here really annoys me. Do you know that the video I produced this past week in Denver as of yesterday morning had over 150,000 views and it had only been up for 3 days... and my position in my group right now is questionable. That boggles me.

Just in case you were interested in seeing the video I did in Denver... here it is...

I came up with the concept, researched the location, booked both the athletes, and am getting great numbers but still have to deal with all the corporate bull. Yet I am still optimistic and know that good things soon come whether its with this company or not!

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