Its officially over between me and Semipro

I dont want to talk about it or the specifics of what went down but its crazy how when a woman's fed up you finally realize other ish that you put up with that was out of character for you. Like you finally have a revelation that you deserve better and that it shouldn't have even went on that long. I was sure of what I wanted and yet dillusional that it was in him. Slept pretty good last night despite the fact, so I guess my spirit is at one with the closure.

Song on repeat...Jazmine Sullivan "If this is love"

I've probably listened to this song over 100 times today. Its crazy how you can listen to some songs over and over and over again and every time they touch a different part of you, or reveal a different sense of self. I don't even want to listen to anything else right now.

Lyrics speaking to my soul:
I never imagined this is how the story ends
Letting go of expectations and remember nothings perfect
Cherish the good days and learn from all the mistakes
Because love is a journey but remember that its worth it

Jazmine Sullivan is the truth!

Oh and just in case you haven't noticed from my last couple posts... music is my crutch. It gets me through everything... so sorry for bombarding everyone with nothing but music... I promise real posts will be coming soon... I almost have my mind right! Just need to listen to this one about 50 more times and I'll be good!
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