Why are you single???

I saw this on clutch mag so I decided to ask myself the following questions, they were asked to a man, so I changed a couple words around and some questions may not even make sense but I answered them anyway...lol!

Name/Alias: Ebonne / Eb the Celeb

Occupation: Renaissance Black Woman
Location: Harlem, NY

Age: 26
Sign: Taurus

So Ebonne, why are you single?
Because I choose to be. I am happily single. You get to a point in your life where you stop going out looking for a man and realize its his job to find you. So I'm just waiting until my borther to the night finds me... and having fun mingling in the meantime.
What do you look for in a man?
Tall, dark, handsome and on the verge of something. I'm not really looking for a man that has all his ducks in a row because I dont have all mine lined up. But I want someone who is ambitious and making moves towards making his dreams come true because that's where I am in my life. Someone who can make me laugh, likes to travel and have fun, and can handle being with a strong, dedicated, and determined woman.
What turns you off?
Men who smoke, and men who dont know what they want. Also I am very opinionated so if a man can't stand his ground and go toe to toe then that turns me off. I cant be with anyone who is passive and submissive.
When on a date—do you foot the bill or do you go dutch with your date?
I think it depends on the terms the date was set up. If I am asked out by someone I usually expect them to pay. If it was a mutual agreement that we should hang out sometime and we decide to link up then I will always offer and am comfortable paying but in the back of my mind thinking he better say "No I got it"...lol!
Where do you usually look or run into potential date material?
I stopped looking. When I go out its merely just to have fun with the girls. Hardly ever call anyone who I exchanged numbers with in a club setting. I tend to date guys I've met threw a friend. Maybe I was at someone's house for a fight party or to watch a game. The bad part about this is its usually when I am out of town and not in NY. Like right now, I am in Atlanta and there were some fine, tall, chocolate brothers at the Falcons game last night. Almost made me want to move down here since there is a huge shortage of tall men in NYC.
Have you ever dated outside your race and did you notice any differences? If so, what?
Never. My family is really mixed. I feel like its my duty to keep it black. But I do have a crush on Channing Tatum from the movie Step Up. That is a fine white boy. But cant really ever see myself dating a guy that isnt black. I love my brothas too much.
As a Black woman, what do you love about Black men?
Their struggle. Nothing comes to them easy and to withstand the challenges they have with integrity is a big turn-on. I have been blessed to be around several young black men that are entrepreneurs and really shaking things up in their field.
When you think of black men... What’s the first three things that come to mind?
King, Chocolate, Intrigue
Do you have any physical requirements for a man?
Yes, I love dark-skinned brothas. I'll take a caramel, but its something about a chocolate brotha that whew... (Definitely cant do the light-skinned brothas... even though when Michael Ealy came on the scene, he changed my views a lot. I dont know how Halle let him go. But anyway, I also have a height requirement. 6'2-6'6 is the ideal height I would like my mate to be. Also, I like clean cut brothas... no braids, or locks. Also I like athletic physiques. You dont have to be cut up like 50 Cent or anything but I like everything to be intact and not leaning over to the side. I also have a thing for heart-shaped lips and football booties.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
No...but I do believe in lust at first sight... When a man walks in the room he can make you tingle all over, but to think that is love is naive.
What advice would you give to a woman that’s single?
It's in my sidebar for a reason...."A woman's heart should be so close to God that a man should have to seek Him in order to find her." I am still working on my heart getting closer so I guess that's why I'm still single. God aint done with me yet.
In your opinion, what makes a woman want to settle down?
Maturity. Everyone I know says I act like a dude when it comes to relationships but I have seen my growth. I am a lot nicer than I was in college, but I still have that I dont have time to deal with bull mentality so I'd rather just have fun than be in a committed relationship. Although, the right person can come along and make you have a totally different outlook on life that you dont want to let go of and will settle down for.
Do you believe in marriage? Do you plan on being married one day?
Yes, I hope to be married one day.
In your opinion, what’s the one mistake you think women make when in a relationship? What mistake do you think men make?
I think the mistake that women make is that they feel their nothing unless they have a man or in a relationship. That annoys me so much when a women spends no time by herself and jumps from one committed relationship to another. A man should not define you. The mistake I think men make is that they don't communicate. Women are annoyed when they have to guess what you are feeling because you dont convey it.
Describe the perfect date!
Hmmm... that's a hard one. I am low maintenance when it comes to date particulars. I can have just as fun with someone at an arcade, amusement park, or bowling alley, as I can with a dinner, broadway show, or just sitting at home watching a game. I think the vibe and chemistry is what makes a date perfect. If your both enjoying each other's company and engaged it has to be perfect no matter what the activity.
What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
I've never really had a flat out bad date, where a whole bunch of things went wrong or something ridiculous happened... it was moreso that there was no chemistry.
Do you date men with children? Why or why not?
I have but I prefer not to. I'm not going to knock a man for what he did before we met so that won't ever be a reason that I refuse to date a man, but it makes it a lot easier when there are no children in the picture.
When dating, how important is his family values to you?
Very, although I hate meeting the parents. Unless he or they request it, you will never ever hear it come out of my mouth. A funny story comes to mind because my boyfriend in HS I didnt meet his mom until the night of my prom and I didnt even want to then. My mom told me that if I didnt stop by the house and let her see me in my dress that I couldnt go to the prom so that's the only reason why I went. From past experiences I've found its easier to date a guy who's parents you've met before you started dating. I know that sounds weird but I have been strickly friends with a couple guys and known their families and then we started dating and the whole interaction seems to work out a whole lot better. But as far as values go, I adore my family, even though they are probably the craziest people on earth, I wouldnt trade them for the world. I dont get to go home often but I never miss a Thanksgiving or Christmas and want somebody that has the same values that I do when it comes to family.
Do you think the reason you’re single is because of unrealistic standards or possibly your personality?
Not necessarily unrealistic standards. I want someone who is going to compliment me and I dont think that's unrealistic. Me and my bestfriend Jason just got into an argument about this. We were eating at Cheesecake Factory in Atlanta and there was this really cute waiter. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big flirt but never really take it past flirting. So I'm flirting with the waiter the whole time. We are about to leave and Jason is like, you did all that flirting and arent even going to get his number. I replied with, "Are you serious... he's like 22 years old and he works at cheesecake factory." He told me I was wrong for saying that. That everyone man isnt going to have a 6-figure job and blah blah. But that's not why I was saying that. First, he's probaby in college. I was in college and your mindset is totally different when your not in college. Second, if its meant to be with that dude then why would I need to date him now while he's still trying to get his stuff together. With the second part, I do feel my personality has a little to do with me being single...(hint at what all my homeboys say) They always say "OMG, your husband is going to have a problem", or something to that effect. I am very head strong, and a lot of black men dont like that, but one will be strong enough to handle me...lol! Plus I'm a lot tougher on my homeboys than I am the men I date, but dont tell them that.
Are you accepting date proposals?
I guess, I like to go out and have fun and mingle but not really looking for anything serious. Just a brotha to the night to cuddle with since its about to get cold outside.

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