What kind of flirt are you???

So I evaluated my trip in Atlanta this past week and came to the conclusion that I am a big flirt. I think I was in a little bit of denial in the past, and with my profession I bottle my true personality up, but being around old friends brought back an old essence. I met a rather cute young man while I was down there and flirted with him quite a lot... In person and threw a couple text messages...with no intentions of sleeping with him, but it just made me feel good to flirt with a guy that was that sexy. So now that I have admitted to myself that I am a bit of a flirt I felt it only right to figure out what type of flirt I am so I took this quiz. The results are that I am a :

A Sexy Flirt

Oh, you devastating diva! You have learned to harness every ounce of your female powers -- and then some! You know how to walk in heels, you can actually match your bras to your panties, and there isn't a man -- or woman -- that you can't charm with your alluring attention. You've grasped the central tenet of flirting: People find you attractive when you make them feel attractive. And that, my dear, can get you very far in life.

Sometimes, of course, you take it too far -- and upset the man you're with, or make yourself vulnerable to embarrassment if the flirting doesn't work. Plus, you can make enemies of other women, and give the wrong impression. Balance your titillating talent by "learning when less is more," says Catherine Cardinal, PhD, author of The Ten Commandments of Relationships (Andrews McMeel, 2000). "Seductive sirens can get too focused on one goal and forget the big picture -- and that's when disaster can strike most easily." Think of yourself as an artist, using your flirt-technique as a paintbrush: Sometimes you want to lay it on thick, and sometimes you want a softer touch. Knowing when to back off and let something go can, paradoxically, make you even more powerful.

Sharon Stone knows how to skirt this line. She can be pull-out-the-stops sexy -- or she can show up at the Oscars in a Gap T-shirt, just to throw everyone off. That's because she's thinking of her ying even when she's yanging it up.


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