Testing my patience!

So I'm sure no matter what industry you're in, as a black female you always have to work 10 times harder in everything you do in order to prove yourself. Its not fair, but we're strong and we deal with it everyday and break the mold. I havent blatantly had to deal with it when I was working in the music industry because I had an amazing mentor that guided me threw, but when switching to the sports industry I went out on a limb. There has always been that dynamic with athletes, agents, etc... since the time I entered. And mind you ... I wasn't even looking to work in sports... I was recruited, they found me, and I decided to take a chance since I have always loved and played sports anyway. But back to the dynamic, there is always a dynamic that being a black female working in the sports industry that you are either a lesbian, or only in this industry to get close to and sleep with athletes, because you cant possible be interested in sports. Well I am genuinely interested in sports, a die hard football fan, I love working at ESPN, and I am not trying to sleep with athletes, nor am I a lesbian. You might ask where all this is coming from. Well recently someone wrote a forum post about me that really pissed me off and got under my skin. I felt like quoting Sofia from the Color Purple "All my life I had to fight!" It just bothered me that no matter what I do, no matter how professional I act, I will always be considered as that girl. I honestly can't be mad because their are a lot of females in this industry for the reason stated above, but having to fight that perception about me really pisses me off when I've worked so hard not to have that image associated with me. Here is the link to a guy that wrote something about me since I am friends with a Bears player.


He's referencing the Sports blog I have www.sportz-n-albumcutz.blogspot.com

Please my fellow RBW's give me some advice. Because my patience has really been tried on this one, and I know I shouldnt be questioning my validity based on what someone who knows nothing about me said, but in a way I am. So please comment... Let me know if I was wrong for even commenting and entertaining this guy.


mp1 October 12, 2007 at 4:40 PM

I think a few of my brain cells just died as I read through what he said! lol. Obviously, I'm not an RBW, but I feel you just wasted a few moments of your life by responding to his comments. He didn't even deserve the time. I never really took the time to think about the amount of pressure that black women in the sports world endure. Wow!

Ebonne October 12, 2007 at 10:46 PM

Thanks mp1 for your encouraging words... it really bothered me at first but after speaking to a couple friends I am over it. My male friends even said that it sounds more like a female than a male that may be jealous of your friendship... and that really boggles me if it is. Now I know why men call us women crazy...lol, if it really is a chick behind the whole thing.

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