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I was reading one of my fellow RBW's blog post "Essence of a woman" and it made me realize a lot about myself. Internally I struggle a lot with double standards. Like at work for instance, it annoys me soooooo much how they will hire a hot chick to be on air that knows absolutely nothing about sports, but yet that same rule doesnt apply to men. Why cant we have some eye candy too. The men up there are pushing 50, balding, and dont even look like they were cute when they were my age but that doesnt matter. Her post particularly dealt with knowing yourself sexually. The question I posed to myself was that why when you see someone that you are sexually attracted to, as a woman you cant act on that. Its nothing to men, but if a woman does it she's considered promiscuous or a ho. I'm not saying to go buckwild like Karrine Stephans, but if your not in a relationship, isnt it kinda healthy to have 1 one night stand per year??? Can I get what I want, what I need, in that moment, without wanting any emotional attachments or even a call the next day. Why can't I be like a dude sometimes when it comes to relationships??? Why is that a bad thing??? I personally dont think it is. I'm a go-getter and I go after what I want. Will this standard ever go away so that I can live my life without any preconceived notions?


Skinny Black Chick October 22, 2007 at 10:09 AM

I had/have issues with this exact same problem. I think that people who are not in committed relationships are entitled to have SAFE and CONSENSUAL sex with whomever they choose. I think it's only a problem when you're in search of something more than sex and trading off on your body to achieve fulfillment in some other area of your life. But if you're in it for the pure pleasure of it, I say do what you do.

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