So anyone that knows me knows that I love sports, so when the show premiered earlier this year I was front and center in front of my TV to see what it was going to be all about. There has been a big whole in my heart for a football related drama/sitcom since the end of Playmakers on ESPN. That was hands down the best Original Entertainment that ESPN had to offer. None the less, because of politics with the NFL the show was canned after the first season. It was rumored that FX or another network like that would pick it up but nothing ever came of it. Anyway, the first season of The GAME was ok for a sitcom but not nearly as dramatic as I wanted it to be. Because of that I hadnt really cared too much that the new season started and spent my monday evenings watching monday night football. Although my roommate told me yesterday how good the show is getting so I went online today to watch the first 3 episodes and I vow to never miss another. The show has really grown. I love, love, love Tasha Mack...she reminds me of my So if you aren't already watching make sure you check it out .

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