I always said "Speed Dating" is the biggest comedy show ever

I've been speed dating a couple times. Thank God I wasn't going for the sake of seriously seeking out a mate. The first time I went just to say I had tried the mess and for a social experiment to blog about. The second time I went to support a friend. Came out with no prospects either time but I'm a goof ball so I still had a great time making fun of the patrons that had been placed before me. Some fat, some short, some who looked like they were a walking STD, but I was a good sport. It seems it hasn't only been a comedy show for me because someone decided to write a script on the whole experience, and low and behold we have a movie. Peep the trailer.

I can't believe Vanessa Simmons actually took a role like this. Times must definitely be hard in Black Hollywood because Holly Robinson Peete is in the movie as well. I mean Chingy is in it... yeah sit there for a minute and try to remember what a "chingy" is. This looks like it will be hilarious enough for me to cop from my local asian lady on the A train. Her bootleg even have the dvd menu options on them.

On the real though, speed dating is definitely something everyone should experience. Salon Stories Speed dating hosted by Kel Spencer is always a good look and they have an its 4th installment coming up on June 19th. All my single ladies & gents should be there. Follow @SalonStories on twitter for updates on the event as we get closer.

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