Question of the Day : Rules of the Private Dancer?

I'm am beyond too goofy to dance in front of someone sober. I have several mirrors in my room and will dance butt booty naked for myself all day everyday and you can't tell me I'm not the sexiest thing alive when one of my jams is blasting but dancing in front of someone, I automatically think I look like a fool. Especially with my lil ol' booty. So a special someone I have danced for in the past was because I was extremely comfortable with him, he was my boyfriend, and had had a couple drinks.

Is this something that you only explore with someone special or can you be a private dancer with the jump off???

Hit me in the comments of the rules to this whole "private dancer" thing.

And what better way to end this post than with a new song by Usher called "Private Dancer so all you ladies out there looking for a new soundtrack to pop it in front of your man to, here ya go!

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