Things that dickheads do...

Before we get into the list of things that dickheads do, let's refer to the Urban Dictionary for a definition of what a dickhead is shall we? Yes we shall #dontjudgeme!

"One who behaves in a particularly obnoxious or selfish manner; as though they have cum for brains. A jerk."

"Descriptive word used for someone (more often male) who is considered to be dishonest, mean, highly ignorant, and/or selfish."

The kid fell for a dickhead back in the day. Sometimes the actual manpart get so good to ya that you forget the head that isn't suppose to be acting like a dick is acting as such. Especially when it's not an on going thing. They lead you to believe they are a nice guy until they feel they got you and then dickhead syndrome comes in when they know them acting up won't initially steer you away. Since my college days my patience for the dickhead has been a big fat zero. As soon as I felt the slight inkling of dickhead syndrome I immediately removed myself from the situation. I just didn't have time for the foolishness, selfishness, and mandingo attitude. There are so many better things I could be doing that putting up with your ego. In the last couple years though (I'm blaming this on my sisters having kids), I've taken my eye off the tiger and have gotten soft. Being in situations and wondering how the hell did I get here knowing they are no good and still not wanting to let go. Sometimes you need to make a list and get others opinions to get your mojo back. I'm so much happier when I'm a bitch to the dickheads that cross my path. I'm going to go in the archives and slap the ish out of someone because whoever said this being nicer to men is how you nab one lied. Definitely going back to being mean because this being nice mess is only making me emotional and giving more time to dickheads than they deserve because I'm a catch dammit and if they don't recognize it on to the next one.

 And of course dickheads don't only show their face in relationships. They also show them in the workplace. There was this one dickhead that went out of his way to make my job hell. I mean every sneaky, conniving, manipulative thing he could do to may my job more difficult he made sure he did it.

Sadly I've met more dickhead in relationships than I have on the job though so that's the only story I have to tell in that regard, and yes women can be dickheads too but we aren't talking about us right now we are talking about you fools. So let's go ahead and get right into some examples:

Things that dickheads do...

Men that generalize women. For example saying something like "That's why I don't date black women." As if you aren't a black man and came out of a black coochie. Somewhere in that statement you lost love for your mother and that's sad. All black women are not alike so even bringing your lips to make a statement like that makes you a dickhead.

Men that expect a woman to take on the role of being their girlfriend without giving them the title. You want a chick to cook, clean, give you sex the way you want it, when you want it, and how you want it, but you don't want to wife her up??? Dickhead please!!!

Men that don't believe in courting a chick or chivalry. DICKHEAD contrary to popular believe women were not made to chase men. You are suppose to be pursuing us.

Men who act like only their opinion and what they want to do matters. Everything has to be an argument because there is never any compromise. Men so stuck in their ways that they will probably be single their entire life and act as if that's fulfilling. Knowing damn well they want love too. Dickhead!

A man that is never satisfied. He wants a woman that does this and that and you get to a mature state in your life where you actually don't feel it's submitting but being a better person for your man but then he comes up with a new list of crap while he stays the same old funky acting way and doesn't change anything about himself that he knows you wish he'd do without.

OK I'm done!

Then I looked to my twitter family and they weighed in as well. Check them out!

What say you my good readers. In general and in relationships, what are some "Things That dickheads do..." Hit me in the comments!

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