"I really wanted you...all you had to do was take care of home"

My favorite line from this new Toni Braxton song "Caught" featuring Mo'Nique. Don't laugh...yes that is Mo'Nique as in the comedian...and no she isn't singing. She does a little voice over on the track before the breakdown and the title of this post is the line that stook out to me most.

So many times we try to act tough and put on those "on to the next one" or better yet "I can have another you in a minute (like she says in the song)" fronts. It's hard when you find a man that is perfect in every way except the fact that he's being perfect to a couple other chicks too. We try to act like we're okay...and yes we may be better off, but finding out a man is cheating on you is devastating. Finding another one is NOT easy and in those instances you shouldn't be in a rush to jump right back into another relationship anyway.

I love how Mo'nique admits while kicking the cheater out of her house that she still loves him. Just because a man has wronged you doesn't mean the love stops. She goes on to remind him that she loves herself though, and loving herself isn't staying with a man that's cheating on her. I love this joint!
Click on the pic to listen!

Biggups to Derek Blanks for this pic. He is a genius at this alter ego photo shoot thing. I wanna do one *sigh* somebody hook me up with an introduction. I have a million personalities, it would be splenderific. Anyway, to my men out there...when you got something good...don't get caught with ya pants down, pants down!!!

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