I taste just like candy!!!

*singing* I taste just like candy!!! Yeah ladies we all know the Foxy Brown featuring Kelis song but some Men act as if they don't know yet. Yes I'm about to get into men eating the box and why Men that don't do it still exist on this earth.

Even Mo'Nique said that 10 years ago it was scarce that you found black women that performed fellatio on men but now we do it with pride and like champs so at this point in the game men that don't do it need to be called out. I even went as far as to say on twitter that men that don't do it should automatically be cursed with small penises and/or that syndrome when they can't get it up if they do have a monstrous man part.

This conversation came up during girl talk over dinner and margaritas a couple nights ago with a friend. She told a story about a man she had been dealing with that doesn't do it and it just so happened that I recently met someone that didn't as well. This boggled me initially because I haven't met a man that didn't since college. Actually I should say BOY because MEN do it. I really sat there thinking this is a shame that these men still exist, yet they will be the first ones wanting you to be super head all up on their situation. I need all the men who don't to start doing some tongue pull-ups and start flickering all over some chick's clitoris. If you need someone to practice on I won't even charge you for the course...LOL! It tastes just like candy and everyone loves candy! Ha!

Change that "I don't eat pussy" to "I haven't eaten any YET" and find a nice clean young lady that you like and want to pleasure in that way. It's never too late to try new things.

If you want tips on how to eat the box you can check out my homie Blogxilla who did a post about it on his site HERE!

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