He Can Get It : David Oliver

I could have swarn I gave him a "He Can Get It" Award before but for some reason it isn't in the archives. Maybe it never transferred over from the old blog so I thought I would revisit the cutie since I haven't given out an award in a while and Kitty Bradshaw recently inquired about the strapping lad on twitter so he's fresh in my mind.

A smart guy, a fellow HBCU grad, Olympic Hurdler (y'all know I love track & field), single, sexy, chocolate, I mean what else is there to say???

Look at this smile!

And the form!

And this booty!

The tattoos!

He's a winner!

The body

but looks just as good with clothes on, whether in everyday gear or suited up!

David Oliver is more than worthy of an Eb the Celeb HE CAN GET IT AWARD!
Call me boo!

For all the ladies that would like to keep tabs on him, he blogs regularly

And you can also follow him on twitter @doliversub13

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