Eb is finally ready for "Something New"

 I've been fighting it and fighting it and fighting it. Actually I haven't really been fighting, just never came across a melanin challenged man that gave me the fireworks in my panties feelings that a nice tall chocolate brother has. Remember we went through this at the top of the year when I made a vowed to go outside my usual type. If you don't remember check out this post. I am extremely behind schedule when it comes to my "All shades of men in 2010" plan but I am making progress.

At that point I hadn't even dated a light-skin brotha let alone a man that didn't have the slightest bit of black in him but now I think I'm officially ready to take that leap. Still don't think it will go anywhere, I mean I want chocolate babies, but I am ready to explore the possibilities. So who wants to hook Eb up with a tall, cute, white guy that has a strong personality, a good job, knows who Tupac is and won't be threatened by all the WAK art I have hanging in my apartment??? Especially the one that hangs over my headboard because even the brothas get intimidated by this one.
 I was reminded of this quest from the recent interview Regina King did with VIBE telling black women to date outside their race. You can check that article out here. So currently taking applications for white and latin men to date. Let's goooooooooo!

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