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I got the idea from Back 2 Black
I am a big music head. R&B mostly. Old Skool to New. I remember when I was like 12 and got my first boombox for christmas. I mean the real one that had a super whoofer. I thought I was doing it sitting on my grandma's porch with the bass booming. Blank tape in the deck taping all my favorite songs off the radio. Replaying them over and over and mad when the deejay started talking. Never being able to understand why as soon as they were on a roll there would be a commercial break. Luckily I grew up to work in radio for a couple years and was able to get the answers to all the questions I had growing up. Still dont understand why radio play lists are so tight with the power records and power recurrents and so forth, since I feel radio has the power to drive the industry rather than conform to it by playing the same songs every other hour, but anyway, I digress... thats why I have pandora, and internet radio, and satellite, and my oh so wonderful playlist on this page... to take me to the blessed places that music can take you. 

So here is it... my A to Z of music

A - Algebra. If you dont know who she is look her up. Amazing talent. She recently opened up the tour for JOE and Brian Mcknight. Love love love her, real voice, real songwriting, real lyrics, music that touches your soul. That's what she's about. Alicia Keys (no explanation needed there), Anthony Hamilton - regrettably he will never get his due shine. I remember when I was doing radio he came and sang at the station. This was way before he had a single or anything out. It was just him and his guitar in a conference room and the dude blew me away. He is the epitome of real R&B when it doesnt matter your image or what you look like and you are still able to sell thousands of records. That's what its about right there. Avant, I know he has been absent as of late, but I love this man's voice, and that first album was a classic!!! Amy Whinehouse. Even though she's a crackhead... the white girl can sing. Anita Baker. my mom loved her growing up and I grew to love her as well. It's just something about a woman with an alto voice that them chicks singing high all the time will never be able to deliver.
B - Boyz II Men, yeah they may be down 1 member but they still touch my heart everytime I pop in one of the old albums. Legendary R&B group and these young cats coming up need to take notes from them. Brian McKnight - The man's music makes you smile no matter how sad you are. And the fact that he's tall, dark, and handsome is just icing on the cake. Bobby Brown - he used to be the shiznit back in the day. No matter what you think about him now, back in the day, he kept us all on the dance floor. Bel Biv devoe... whaaat... all I have to say is "poison." Black Thought - Of the legendary Roots crew, I think he's one of the most underrated MC's in the game, the boy is bad. Boney James, yeah I'm getting my contemporary jazz on on this one... 
C - Case - I know he's been off the map in a minute but every summer when I am at a cook-out I still hope "touch me tease me" will drop. Also the "Faded Pictures" joint he did with JOE was classic. Carl Thomas, poor thing was under Diddy's corruption of a label. I really feel he would still be heavy on the scene right now if he hadnt been on Bad Boy... Either way I still pull out the Emotional album from time to time. Love his voice. Common - he's the truth on the mic and has really reinvented himself these last 2 albums. I love him just as much now as I did when "i use to love her" dropped. Christina Aguilera... hands down, she can blow... and that's why she made my list.
D - Hands down Dave Hollister. Yeah the one from Blackstreet. He has put out 4 solo albums and a gospel album and all are fire. The boy is bad. D'Angelo, I dont care that he went from "how does it feel" body to the overweight slump that he is right now, but when he was on top, he had every ladies panties wet with the voice... as soon as the da da da base guitar dropped at the beginning of "lady" we were soaked. Dru Hill - The "Sleeping in my bed" remix... what... everyone knows the words to that entire song. Those first 2 albums were classic. Then Woody and Sisquo went on to put out solo albums. Sisquo's first is a classic, and Woody's gospel album definitely showed his range despite the lisp. Darien Brockington, if you dont know who he is, look him up, he's the truth. Debra Killings, contemporary gospel artists that I want to resurface. Anyone out there have any update on her and whether a new album is in the works, please let me know.
E - Erykah Badu. She just has a swagger about her that makes her like no one else on the market, and because of that she will always be a star. Eclectic will always surpass the trends A&R people of the world. Eve - even though she's fell off as of late, when "love is blind" dropped, every chick in the world felt like they could kill a nigga. When music can touch you in that kind of way, it will have a lasting impact on your life and I am forever greatful for that song. I'm sure it opened the eyes of several women. Emily King, another white girl that has made the list. Check her out. 
F - Fantasia - the rawness of her voice, and she is our modern day tina turner or patti labelle when it comes to live performances. I've had the pleasure of seeing her live several times and she really knows how to put on a show. Faith Evans, the blond haired faith was the truth. Fred Hammond, my absolute favorite gospel artist of all time. His voice has gotten me threw some low times, he is truly a blessing. The Fugees (they need no explanation)
G - Ginuwine - forget the usher's and the chris brown's, he was the first to revive the solo male artists dancing after MJ. The man has an awesome live performance, and I wasnt even a fan until I saw him live. I still pop in his first 3 albums every now and again. Glenn Lewis (some of you are probably like who? Yeah he's a one hit wonder - He had that joint "Dont you forget it" but his album was pretty solid and I wish he would resurface. 
H - H-town; whew them boys were bad... "Knockin' the boots." Hi-Five (RIP to Tony Thompson) I love love loved them growing up and Tony Thompson released a solo album entitled "Sexsational" its a classic. 
I - Immature... when they were little, they were my group. "I will never lie" I remember having that on repeat. Then Marques Houston grew up into the corny person that he is today. Although that last solo album was hot even though it didnt sell too well. India Arie, the queen of having a full album. All 3 of her albums you can listen to straight threw without having to skip threw 1 song. Even the interludes are good. 
J - JOE - its rare that you get an artist whose voice is so pure, and whose songwriting and arranging ability is just as relevant. He's a genuine guy on and off the stage. Jagged Edge - My all time favorite male R&B group. Jamie Foxx... Peep this was a good album and he changed the game with the Unpredictable album. Still listen to it regularly and cant wait for the next one... That boy is just blessed with talent. Janet Jackson, I will always and forever be a fan. Even though her last 2 albums havent been some of her best work... she has a list of classics that are timeless and I listen to like their brand new. Jill Scott (no explanantion needed, the girl is bad!) Jodeci - they will never be forgotten, ever. John Mayer - I love this white boy. I cant even explain why but he is killing the blues category right now more than any black man. Joss Stone, another white girl that can blow. Jaheim - for a man that young to come on the scene with such a mature voice is both endearing and refreshing with an industry that is oversaturated with all the bubble gum mess.
K - Kanye West - Hands down the boy is talented. Keke Wyatt, even though she spazzed out and stabbed her husband... the girl can blow. Kelly Rowland, I know everybody's always riding Beyonce but I really like Kelly the best. 
L - Lauryn Hill, for my faithful readers you read the letter I wrote to her a while back. I love this woman. I dont think there is anything that she can say or do to make me change my mind on the depth of her talent. I pray that she can get all the other stuff figured out so that she can make a comeback. Lil' Mo... when she first came on the scene I couldnt stand her voice. But her "meet the girl next door" album is a classic. Luther Vandross. He is my grandmother's favorite artist of all time. I mean she called me crying when she found out he died. So I grew up with Luther always on in the car and love him as if he was singing every song to me. Lyfe Jennings. The raspy voice just does it for me. 
M - Mario, I love this little boy. From the time he dropped with "just a friend" I knew he had the voice to be in this industry for a while. But we'll see. Marvin Gaye - Any artists who can make timeless classics. Where you listen to things he recorded 30 years ago and they sound brand new. That is a true talent. Mary J. Blige, the heart and soul of the urban girl. We can all relate to her music. She may not be the best singer around, but we feel her, and sometimes that outweighs the best voice. Monica, I love her, every one of her albums have those bangers that you cant live without. Musiq, every one of his albums are classics. Every one of them. 
N - Ne-Yo, great young talent that I feel will be around for a while. Next - All i got to say is "Butta love" whew..., New Edition, both young and old they rocked the music scene together as well as when they decided to break up and do the solo thing. 
O - Outkast have revolutionized the southern style. I am not a big fan overall, but they make that UGK song go hard.
P - Prince - another timeless artist. You have a lot of power when you can make music free to everyone in this day in age and still sell more than a lot of artists. He is an icon.
Q - Queen Latifah both as queen with "UNITY" as well as Dana Owens. Her new jazz sound is only for the grown and sexy.
R - R. kelly - I dont care how many little girls the man pees on, when it comes to music, he is a genious and no one can deny him of that. Regina Belle. Another one of my mom's favorite when I was growing up and I still listen to her from time to time. Rell, I truly believe that if he was on any other label besides Roc-a-fella he would have made it big. They just didnt know what to do with him besides let him sing on the hooks for all the rappers on the label. The boy is talented though. Roger & Zapp - "Computer Love" will for always and forever be one of my favorite songs of all time. 
S - Salt N Pepa, even though Pepa has changed her nose, back in the day... I wanted to be just like her. Sam Cooke, classic artist that will always have a special place in my heart, Shirley Murdock (no explanation needed), Slick Rick, one of my favorite rappers of all time, he has a swagger like no other, Stevie Wonder (no explanation needed), 
T - Teedra Moses ( a star on the rise, if you dont know who she is you better recognize), Tamia - one of the most underrated voices in the industry. She has true talent but the sales never show it. The Between Friends album is a classic though so pick it up if you dont have it. Talib kweli, another artists that doesnt get there due shine. Teddy Pendergrass - another timeless talent, Toni Braxton, probably my all time favorite alto voice of all time. Tony Toni Tone (no explanation needed), Tracy Chapman - she revolutioned black folk music, Total - I still listen to "kissing you" and " can't you see" like their brand new, Trey Songz, probably my favorite young talent right now. The boy can sing... with out even trying, sounds better live than any studio could ever make him sound, pure, raw, talent. Tweet - another artist that doesnt get her due shine, but both albums are bangers. Tyrese, I have loved him since that coca cola commercial when he was riding on that bus singing, and as long as he sticks with singing and stop with this Black Ty trying to rap mess, I will always be a fan. Teena Marie, her classics with Rick James will keep her close to my heart forever.
U - Usher, even though I think this whole Tameka thing will hurt his music career trememdously, I got a feeling he will get a divorce and the album following that divorce will be 10x better than confessions is. So you heard it here first. Watch and see. 
V - Vesta Williams - I love that "Congratulations" song
W - Whitney Houston, no matter what is going on in her personal life or, I can put on any record, and her voice puts my heart as ease
X - Not many artists name start with X. The only I can think of is Xscape. Understanding was the shiznit when it came out.
Y - I love the Young Gunz. Especially Young Chris. I cant wait for his solo project. Yolanda Adams, she has people that dont even like gospel listening to her, and thats powerful. 
Z - Zhane.... I know... aint that many artists that name starts with Z but remember "Hey Mr. Dj" and "It's a groove thang." Yeah you remember. 

Oh, and we cant forget about the artists that start with numbers...

First and foremost-

2Pac. Cant ever forget about him, and yes I am one of those that thinks he is living low and lavish in the caribbean somewhere. C'mon, this dude was way too smart and ahead of his time to die back then. Plus he's still dropping albums. No one, and I mean no one could have recorded that much stuff, some 11 years later. So yeah, some of you might think I'm crazy now, but arent we all.

50 Cent - yes, I love him. Many of you hate it but I feel he is a genious. Musically and as a business man. No matter how much you cant stand him, you still rock your head to everyone of his joints in the club. He got millions from Vitamin Water, he has made smart investments with his fortune, and he doesnt need to make another record to eat good for the rest of his life. So say what you want, but I love him.

112 - Even though I hated the high pitched voice of Slim, you couldnt deny it on classic tracks like "Cupid." Although Daron is my favorite member. Even though he was dissing the chick on "i'm a player" its still one of my favorite 112 songs, and the lyrics were real. Plus he wrote it, and many of the 112 hits.


deepnthought December 9, 2007 at 3:57 PM

I like this post. I s agree with a lot of them.

mp1 December 10, 2007 at 6:01 PM

see, you got me beat. I couldn't stick with just one act for each letter. I see that you're a huge R&B head. I completely forgot about Case...and that should not have happened!

Don December 15, 2007 at 11:29 AM

2Pac was a gift. And I hate when people scream that he wasn't positive. I usually respond w/ ... "and you are?"

Fiddy mixtapes and GRODT were bomb joints. Before he got rich, I guess.

Eb, what in the world do you know about Vesta Williams? lol.

Fantasia & Badu own their style. I love that about 'em. Hate when Fantasia tries too hard though.

Prince - the master. Period.
Outkast - real players
Lauryn Hill - the teacher

Don December 15, 2007 at 11:30 AM

As for L Boogie comin' back - she's still jammin'...just not on a mainstream level. But yeah I miss that true "hip hop meets scripture" flavor that she brought to life.

brran1 December 18, 2007 at 11:22 PM

In your A's you mentioned Algebra...were u referring to Algebra Blessett? I stumbled across her myspace profile and instantly fell in love wit 'Don't let me be misunderstood'. Listenin 2 ur music on your page makes me think about all the music I usted 2 listen to back in the day...

Ebonne December 19, 2007 at 10:55 AM

@brran - Yes I am speaking of Algebra Blessett... she is the truth... glad you enjoy my little playlist

Julia_Claudine_Deveraux December 21, 2007 at 2:44 PM

This post was fab! Algebra is THAT CHICK! Love her!

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