My letter to Lauryn

Pras has always been the one to air out the Fugees dirty laundry, and avidly display his feelings for Lauryn and how she is the reason the Fugees reunion never became full circle. You couldnt really tell if he was being sincere or just wanting attention since he was obviousy the least successful of the 3 when it came to solo careers. But now Wyclef is speaking out. In a recent interview with JAM’N 94.5 He said the following things about Lauryn that surprised me because he has always been the one to defend her: 1) She needs to come back and prevail from this tough time
2) He got a sense that she is bipolar from their studio sessions
3) She needs to get on some meds and psychiatric help
4) Whoever is letting her go out and perform looking the way she does isn’t looking out for her best interests.
This made me think back to when I was in the studio with them the night before the Dave Chappelle Block Party. I had the time of my life. Just walking around the studio chilling with Big Daddy Kane, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, the Roots, Talib Kweli, Bilal, Mos Def, the list goes on. All day we were in the studio and Lauryn didnt show up until about 6 or 7pm. When she got there it was about 85 degrees outside and she had this huge overcoat on like it was cold. Her hair wasnt done and when she walked in the studio she started spazzing. She took her assistant outside and was cussing her out because all those people were at the studio and I guess she thought it was just going to be her, pras, and clef there. Anyway, everyone had a open rehearsal that day, but hers was closed. At the time I didnt even really think anything of it. I was so happy to be in her presence that I didnt even realize that she was trippin for no reason. It was a good, warm feeling in that place all day until she arrived.

But after hearing what Wyclef had to say, I realized that I was one of the people adding to the problem. I always only see her as how great she used to be and have subconsciously ignored all the negative press she has been getting about sounding terrible live, and how she's been looking on stage. By doing that I am just as liable as the people that are around her that aren't being real with her and letting her know that she needs to get help. They are enabling the behavior instead of being real friends of hers. We all go threw hurt and pain and if what her Marley husband did to her emotionally is really true, she can overcome it. Either way, I felt compelled to write a letter to Lauryn.

Dear. Ms. Hill,

I would more than anything want to start this letter off with Dear L-Boogie, but it seems as of late you have lost that swagger so I will keep it more formal. "That thing" that had me running to the radio to turn it up everytime I heard your voice whether Doo Wop, Hip Hop, R&B, or the angelic "His eye is on the sparrow." I probably watch Sister Act 2 at least once a month to bring me back to that place when I saw the young hustler in you, and realized that I could do anything I put my mind to. And I still smile in every ghetto and every city remembering rushing to the corner store for my beef patty and coco bread. You are that X-factor that we all need in an industry where gimic artists rule the airwaves. No matter what they say you are still my Superstar and I still turn the lights down low and let your music light my fire. Everyone is saying we've lost one, but I know you still have it. If you just Tell him because His eye is still on the Sparrow. I dont believe its the final hour for you. Forgive her father because when it hurts so bad she hasnt looked to you to feel good again. You gotta get out. Whatever water your treading in, I have faith that you will soon find peace of mind, and we will no longer question your mystery of iniquity. I dont want this to sound like a lecture so I will just simply end with:

I long to see you smile again, it was so so beautiful, see...

I want to see you on even more covers of magazines.

5 Grammies in one year. I know you still have the potential to pull that off again.
I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers and have faith that you will overcome this and have a story to tell to help one of my fellow RBW's get threw that much easier when they are faced with a similar situation. If anything I have said above offends you, I sincerely apologize for miseducating any and everyone who reads this in that regard. So set me straight and re-educate me with this new album that I hope you still plan on releasing next year.

Always and forever a fan,

Just in case you haven't heard it... Talib did a joint dedicated to her a while back. Wanna hear it, here it Go! LISTEN!

And here are some videos of the stages:

Doo Wop Live in 1999

MTV unplugged in 2002. "I gotta find peace of mind" Listen to the lyrics. This was the turning point. But at this stage I think she was conscious of the change that came over her, and tried to recover from it threw music.

Here she is performing "Everything is Everything" recently in London. She still sounds "ok", even though she loses her breath a lot, but she is very out of touch with the audience. She tends to look up at the sky a lot and or turn around and interact with the band.

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maddypappy1 September 20, 2007 at 2:20 PM

I remember when her heart was in Zion. I wish it was still in rhyming.Good ish. I love the play on the songs. Now you got me searching all over for miseducation cd!

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