(Sigh) I'm sober and Waiting

So... didnt get twisted last night. Chilled at Harlem Lanes with a friend of mine, had a couple drinks but nothing too crazy... so I should be fully functional to write this blog post without any mishaps...lol. But best believe I am going to try again tonight. Hopefully I wont disappoint. I sent out a mass text message last night telling all my friends to come out and help me celebrate. It was hilarious how many of them didnt even know I was in grad school. I assumed they all knew... I guess I act so silly all the time that they never even knew that I am quite intelligent. Anyway, they all sent their congrats. It made me realize though that my journey is only beginning. Getting the piece of paper is only the start of all the knowledge I want to consume in my lifetime. It made me think of a poem I wrote back in 2001 when I first realized that I didnt know it all... Yes can you believe it, I grew up as one of those people that always had the answer and felt they were always right... and at times, I still feel that way...lol, but I wrote this piece when I first started to grow as a person, realizing there was so much more out there beyond the world of Ebonne. So I felt compelled to share it this afternoon with my fellow Renaissance Black People. It's short and sweet but I hope it helps you keep pushing to get to that next level.



Not knowing whether to come or whether to go


Not sure what's to learn or what I already know


Always having to prove, knowledge is something you show


Coming to the realization, There's always room to grow


Forever, because there will always be something that I don't know

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Mizrepresent December 15, 2007 at 9:46 PM

Ain't nothin wrong with waitin E...you are on the right path...beware, there will be haters at your door, gate, and waiting...but proceed anyway...as long as you know what you want to accomplish, do you, and with zest...can't nothin stop you! Big Congrats!

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