Let's talk about boobage : the big, the small, & the miraculous

This post is brought to you by the fascination both men and women have with boobs, boobage, breasts, knockers, titts, whatever your chosen word for them is, that's what we are going to get into today right here on Eb the Celeb [dot] com.

I've never been fascinated with boobs. Was teased a lot in middle school because I still had nubs when everyone else was busting out of their tank tops but it never really bothered me any. I can honestly say that I've never wanted big boobs. When they finally did grow into the 34B's that they are today... at times I wish they were a small C for certain outfits, but for the most part they do me fine.

A couple months ago Victoria's Secret came out with this new invention called the Miraculous Bra. Now I am a bra connoisseur. I really have no choice being that my mother works for Victoria's Secret. My bra drawer is filled with fabulousness when it comes to the bra, panty, lingerie department... Ooooowwww and I love it, but I must say I was extremely intrigued when my mom told me about this bra and that it makes you look 2 sizes bigger. In the divine words of Victoria's Secret it's "special padding lifts you up and out, instantly adding up to 2 full cup sizes for maximum cleavage and fullness." She got me one to test out before it even came out in the stores and I swear it changed my life. That night when I wore it out I got so many compliments. A chick that has known me for years even asked me if I had gotten a boob job. I thought the whole idea of it was pretty funny and it felt good to know what it felt like to have boobs for a change.

This is definitely not the type of bra you wear on a daily basis though. At least not for me and I noticed that this past Tuesday at an event. Here I am rocking the miraculous bra.

I was getting all sorts of looks that night, and me being the social butterfly that I am, I'm just floating around the venue not even paying any attention. Straight guys aren't going to say anything, they are too busy trying to concentrate on not staring, but you know you can always depend on the gay guys to give you the low down. Several of my gay friends came up to me raving about how fabulous my boobage was that night and again asked if I had gotten work done.

The next day I changed my default picture on twitter and BBM to the above picture and the comments continued. It got to the point where I was a bit overwhelmed. I'm like geeeesssh was I that flat chested before. So I had to take a pic of myself with a regular bra on that has no padding with the same dress and here it is.

Now I see what everyone else is seeing. That is a BIG difference. My lil boobies look extremely anorexic and pathetic in this pic, and may even be further apart than Drake's eyes are. Even still, I AM NOT MY BOOBS!!! It kinda makes me not even want to bring out the miraculous bra from time to time with all the attention that it's getting. I want people to love Eb for Eb not because Eb decided to wear the miraculous bra for an evening. I don't know how you big titted chicks do it. All that attention on the daily would drive me in sane. Actually I guess if you didn't want the attention you could always wear shirts that didn't put them out there in everyone's face.

Moral of the story is, it's nice having lil boobs and if I feel like having boobs on a particular night I can let my miraculous bra come out and play. You big tit chicks don't have that luxury of putting them away when you just can't deal... HA... so I win!

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