New break up songs for break up season courtesy of Fantasia & K. Michelle

It's spring and spring has always been break up season. Everyone starts acting a fool when it gets nice outside since the grass is all fresh and new, thinking they'll find a different yard to mow around in. So here are some new break up songs from some of my favorite ladies to get you through. Time to forget about them fools, get your game face on, and nab you a spring boo.

Fantasia "Bittersweet"
Her first official single from the new album and I am loving it. She's reminiscing about one she really loved but things just weren't right. She thought she was over him but then she starts missing him and forgetting about the bad times, clouded by the good times. We've all been there ladies, thinking that since you're older now maybe it could work. SNAP OUTTA THAT MINDSET. Start fresh and new.

K. Michelle "Nothin' On You" B.O.B. cover
This chick straight flipped a song I was already loving and for a hot second made me forget it was even a cover. She definitely took this track and made it her own. "Here's another lesson that I'm teaching bout some men." And that's damn sure what she did. She gives you some sanging and some rapping and reminds us that "it ain't that crucial, you can find some new dick." I love K. She's so gangsta with it.

Question of the Day: 
What's your favorite break up song?
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