Question of the Day : I just cant...


We all have our rules, standards, or the horrid "list" that we keep as a frame of reference when considering potential maters so the question is... no matter if the guy/gal was perfect in any other way... what is 1 thing that would you would say "I just cant...." because of that one thing.

Mine would be... "I just cant... because he smokes."

I just can't with cigarette smoke. You want have a lil weed from time to time, you do what you do, even though I've never smoked it, I can deal with a man that smokes, but cigarette smoke is just beyond disgusting to me. Ewe, I don't want to taste it when I'm kissing your lips, I don't want to smell like it, I don't want it around me, and it says to me that you don't give 2 sh*ts about your health. I just can't deal.

Plus I have family history where my grandfather died of lung cancer, one of my aunt's doesn't even have a real heart from smoking, so there is no way I would want to be with someone that would risk putting their family in a position to care for them with a disease that could have been prevented.

So hit me in the comments with your... "I just cant...."

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