What Can I Do to be Perfect For You??

If you haven't noticed from reading my blog I love me some Toni Braxton. Probably my favorite alto voice of all time (but please don't tell Anita Baker since I love her dearly as well.) Either way her voice makes me listen to lyrics more closely. Every time I hear one of her songs I bury myself in it for some reason and start breaking it down. The latest song of hers that I've broken down in my head is "Why Won't You Love Me."

In this beautiful ballad she approaches a guy asking him to be completely honest about his feelings for her. Even if the feelings aren't the same feelings that she has for him, she wants to hear it. I can dig this... whether it's going to hurt me or not I always want to know the full truth. Then she goes into a little desperation and wants to know why he doesn't love her. I don't think my ego would ever let me go THAT far. She goes on into deeper desperation asking the dude what she can she do to be perfect for him?

Despite not being able to cosign that part because you can't MAKE a man love you, I am loving this song right now.  That definitely has to be address though because there is nothing you can change about yourself that is going to make a man love you. You have to be YOU... at all costs and the right man for you will love you despite the flaws.

The songs ends with a man coming in to croon his 2cents that he loves her but is apologizing for not giving her the attention she needed but is now ready to love her the way she needs to be loved. That part got me to thinking. Wanting to be the perfect woman for your man isn't desperate, you should want to be that. Still can't see myself ever just coming out and asking a man what I have to do to be perfect for him, but there is a level of submission that can make a relationship grow closer after doing so. Since he truly loved her he looked within himself, stepped up and said I'm going to start doing more things to make your secure in the fact that I love you too babe. That made my heart just melt. I thought for sure this was on some playa playa mess but he let her know that what she was feeling wasn't one-sided. I love it! I really wish deep down I wasn't such a romantic. This song should not have made me think this hard about love. It's currently on repeat though. Thanks Ms. Braxton!

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