Sexting Meme Revisited Courtesy of Ludacris

Last year I posted this "Sexting Meme" on my RBW blog and since it's been almost a year, I have a new blog, and a lot has changed since that post, I decided to revisit it after hearing Ludacris' new song "Sexting." It has silly written all over it. The track starts with Luda making fun of the Tiger Woods Voicemail. Yeah you know the dumb beavis and butthead fashion he grunts...This is Tiger and my wife Elin about to whoop my a$$ with a golf club if you don't take your name off and put the generic please do me that favor and I'll take you on my yacht privacy and stick my thumb up your booty. (Wait...someone is looking over my shoulder telling me that's not exactly how the VM went but I'm almost positive that's what I Anyway, the track is funny as hell and catchy. Click on the pic to check it out.

Now on to the Meme.

1. How many genitalia have been sent to your phone?
It's starting to become a hobby that was forced on me. In the last year, somehow my phone has been the camping ground for dick pics. I don't even ask for them and am not even engaging in raunchy conversations. They just pop up in there. I guess men are finally done with the macking game and are like let me just show her my package to get her to drop the drawls. I must admit there have been a couple that were so beautiful that I was almost tempted... but c'mon son you gotta do more than send your man part to my phone to get a chance with me. Currently I have 8 different manparts in my phone because I only saved the beautiful ones.

2. How many genitalia have you sent to other people from your phone?
This still has not was only 1 last year and that person is still the only person that has gotten one. No one worthy has entered Eb's life.

3. Have you ever got off from sexting?
Nope... but I've had some wild freaky deaky dreams after getting a beautiful one in the wee hours of the morning. It was magical! Ha!

4. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being extremely comfortable) how comfortable are you sexting?
I would still say I'm a 4. Still goofy as hell...that will never change. Can't imagine how sexy a vagina pic can ever be. Vaginas definitely aren't a pretty to look at.

5. Do you have any regrets about sexting?
I'm not that deep in the game with it to have any regrets. Ask the experts like Rihanna, Cassie, Jamie Foxx, and all the others whose nekkid pics have hit the web in the pat couple of years.

If you're bold... feel free to participate in the meme in the comments!

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