Eating the box... usually a blissful soundtrack

I've heard there are chicks out there in the world that don't like it when a man goes down on them. In the back of my head I'm thinking they ain't had the right one to do it yet. Many men have bragged about their skills musically and I'm not mad... at most of them... but we'll get to the ones I'm mad at a lil later. Let's first praise the ones that I'm so proud they've taken the time out to express what a magnificent art eating the box is.

1. Trey Songz "Sticky Face"
He's already a cutie & then he has the nerve to be singing:

"I'm gon make it vibrate bbrrrrrrrr with my tongue
I'm gon make it vibrate bbrrrrrrrr til you cum

My tongue move faster than a cheetah
Have them legs shaking like a seizure

My old man taught me how to keep her, EAT HER
If you don't lick it she gon leave ya"

Uuuum yeah... *call me*

2. Lil Wayne "Pussy Monster"
Now granted Lil Wayne is not someone I would want in my box personally, but he must be doing something right considering all the boxes he has devoured and impregnated in his career and with lyrics like... well just watch & listen:

I can understand why someone might want to make him put his lips where there box lives... even though I wouldn't

There have been plenty of other songs where a man professes his dying love for eating the box but I never thought there would ever be a song in relation to this topic that I wouldn't co-sign but low and behold, The Game, Ray J, and Nicki Minaj just had to come along and prove me wrong with the trash of a song that is "Pussy Fight"

It should be a crime to repeat these lyrics but I have to so you can see in writing how ridiculous it is:

The Game "Licking all on ya neck, send you home with hickies"

Uuuuum Game... you are too old to be putting hickies on necks

"I hope that cat is fat fat fat like missy, if it is I'ma eat that cat like missy"


Ray J "I know Ellen don't be eating your pussy right"
"I know E-V-E eve don't be eating it like Ray J eat the pussy"

Just blatant disrespect right there.

Now Game's last verse, if coming from someone that would even get my box half way wet, might have worked, but I was immediately turned off and almost threw up in my mouth at his lyrical advances. Then all the damn auto-tune... I now have a headache after listening to this song. I still don't understand why exactly, or what exactly the pussy was fighting in this whole fiasco. Lawd I'm so confused.

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