Question of the Day : That old 80/20 rule!!!

We all remember the 80/20 rule from the first Why Did I Get Married right? Quick sidebar... check out the extended trailer for Why Did I Get Married too... its looks like its going to be gooooooooood and a milli times more drama than the first one!

As you can see... Mike gets the itch that he wants his 80 back and Sheila isn't having it. I mean I wouldn't either if I now had something as fine and sweet as Lamman Rucker on my side... but in real life, how can we be so sure that what we have is 80 without testing out that 20??? Is that truly the essence of what dating is all about... testing out 20s until we find that 80?? What if we think we found 80 and someone comes along that makes us think maybe this wasn't 80 at all, it was just someone that was more compatible with me than those 20s may have been?

So the question of the day : Is this whole 80/20 rule mess a crock of ish??? I think so! I think there can be relationships that are 90/10 that don't work depending on the importance of what's in that 10% and a 50/50 relationship can work if the things that are most important to you are there but that's just me. I want to know what my people feel about the situation... so hit me in the comments with whether you feel there is any validity to the 80/20 rule when it comes to relationships.

Also, we might just have a song that is going to be on repeat for a lot of people that may have the blues when they are remembering that 80 they had now that things aren't so peachy with the 20 thanks to Mario. "She Was Her" might just be the most beautiful I have ever heard Mario sound. His deliver is so effortless and I can feel how sorry he was about letting the one he loved go for something he thought would be better that turned out not to be.

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