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Brown Girl Gumbo

My favorite TV show of all time is a tie between Martin and the Cosby show. I have both of them on DVD and watch them all the time. Every time their on syndication on TV I watch. So hands down, and I don't think I could ever choose between the two.

My favorite movie of all time is Love Jones

And as far as siblings, I have 2 lil sisters, 2 lil brothers, a brother-in-law, and 4 lil step-sisters.UnknownDiva

What motivates me? I think the fact that I love things not coming easy to me is what motivates me. Everything I have in life is because I have worked for it and none of it was handed to me and I take pride in that. We all have help, so I'm not saying I got where I am without a little networking or recommendation or referral, but I know that I define my destiny and that is what really pushes me. I know that no one is going to hand it to me and that I have to be a go-getter in order to make it happen. I know I am destined for greatness, I know that I can be and do whatever I put my mind to. And I know that sounds cheezy since that's what your parents tell you growing up, but not everyone has that power or resources to truly make their dreams come true. I feel like I am on my way, and that's what truly motivates me. I just have been lucky enough to be 1 step away from my next step every since my junior year in college, so when opportunities presented themself to me, I rocked them so that I could get to that next step. I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish in my 27 years on this earth, and a big reason I want to be 30 so bad is because I know those are truly going to be my golden years. When all my dreams really do come true.

Anonymous Nupe

Yes I can swim. To get us kids out of the house my mom made us take swimming lessons at least 3 summers from what I can remember. We always had them at the recreation centers in Rochester as well.

In the words of Wood aka Bill Bellamy in Love Jones "I know Jesus!" We talk regularly, I go to church more Sundays in the month than not, but my relationship is definitely not where it should be with him. I do believe in him and that he is the Son of God and not just a prophet. Dont know what else you wanted to get from me in regards to "how I really feel about Jesus." But, God ain't threw with me yet, we got some things to still iron out.

Those are the only questions of yours I have the energy to answer at the moment.


Title of my autobiography - Of course Renaissance Black Woman

The most pressing problem in Black Male behavior today I feel is love. If we truly loved our brother next to us, everything else would fall in place. If they really loved their children they couldn't fathom not being fully engulfed in their lives. If they really loved their women, they wouldn't do things on the daily to degrade them. I think we have to learn to love more as a people, not just in relation to black men.

Thoughts of a Southern Gal

I do NOT believe in love at first sight. I believe heavily in lust at first sight. It really takes a lot for me to get to the point of really loving someone so I just can't fathom it. But I don't knock it if someone else says that it happened to them. So I guess the answer is I believe it can happen but just not for me.

If I could have one super power it would probably be Mind Control like Luke Skywalker. Knowing what people are thinking and being able to alter it. Like for instance a boss thinking about giving his employee a raise and being able to persuade his mind to give the best possible raise a boss has ever given...LOL. Or the ability to control Bush's mind so that he finally admits all the foul play in his presidency and step down for these final months. Something of that nature.

If I could change the hands of time, I would choose to not have been initially mean to some people. I am not big on new people, and can be very stand-off ish at times when first getting to know someone. I remember a good friend of mine Mel telling me that she was scared of me when she first started at the job and that I have a way of intimidating people. Now we are the best of friends, but I do know that I have a problem with letting new people into my life whether its a man, friend, co-worker, etc. So I would work on making all first impressions more cordial, because no matter how big you may think the world is, its really super small and you may end up seeing and needing that person for something down the line.

Smarty Jones

Any animal in the world, it would have to be any kind of wild cat. I have always been in love with them. So a cheetah, leopard, tiger.. any one of those.

Ha... funny you should ask if there will be children in my future because until my sisters both had boys last year I promised I wasn't ever having any. Thought that having babies would cramp my style. But after seeing my precious nephews, I definitely want to have 2 of my own. 3 at the most. I actually want identical twin boys. That's the only way I would have 3, and then the last one would be a girl. But I am only getting pregnant twice. So if I have 2 single children I want them both to be boys.

What makes me tick... hahahah... girl, I don't know. I think knowing that I have so many ideas in my head that someone has to want to invest in one day. Or the fact that so many people are rich for absolutely no reason. (Kim Kardashian, Kanye's ex-girl Alexis) I used to feel the same way about Paris Hilton, but she really worked and built a brand for herself. She didn't literally sit on the fortune that she was born into. She had a couple TV shows, an album that sucked, her perfume, movies, etc. so I cut her a lil' slack now.

Thoughts on women's sports. Well when it comes to WNBA, I just can't watch it. Sorry to say it but I can't. Now I can watch women's track and field, and volleyball all day long but that's probably the gyst of female sports that I watch. I want to hope that they will last but I cant see it. I honestly don't know what the advertisers get from their marketing since women's sports don't really have a core demo. That's all I can really say about it. I think that they have to keep women sports so that the universe doesn't appear sexist, even though we all know that it is, but that no "real" money will ever come out of women's sports so it will always remain the ball headed stepchild of the industry.

Kool-aid - Always RED


Daaaaannnggggg, you; just playing

I haven't really talked about this on the blog so I guess now is the best time. About a month ago I left my job at the World Wide leader of Sports. While there I worked in digital media, came up with content ideas for mobile and online feature stories/videos, dealt with athletes and agents a lot to book the talent for those features, managed the productions remotely, and helped produce some stuff, and that's the short list. I did a helluva lot for my dept... way more than what was in my job description. They were moving my position to our headquarters in CT (2 hours away from the city) and I didn't want to move, so I took my severance package. Right now I am freelancing... at too many places to name, main focus right now is Project Management for this company right here. Of my responsibilities at ESPN, Talent Booking/Producing is what I really fell in love with. Interacting with talent, and researching who the best people will be for a certain feature. The focus for my company in the making is Talent Management and Marketing for Athletes and Musicians. So right now I am currently looking for a gig as such. My dream job right now would be Talent Booking or Casting for a major network and I've applied to a couple jobs so keep ya fingers crossed for me. I feel like I have my music contacts down, my sports contacts down, and just want to dabble in getting some hollywood contacts, so I have access to all aspects when I go out on my own full time.

If I had one wish, it would be to be rich without being famous.


My Biggest pet peeve is probably taco meat chest hair. I really really hate men that just refuse to shave it and its just staring at me making me gag. Especially when its hot outside and they have their shirts off and their sweating, so its starts to look like they have a jerry curl on their chest. Yuck!!!

Actually any kind of taco meat hair... That mess that some have on their face needs to be shaved too. Like Paul Pierce, I love him to death on and congrats on getting the Championship and MVP brotha, but that mess on ya face has got to go!


In undergrad my major was Broadcast Production and I minored in Entrepreneurship. My major was the same from the time I stepped foot on A&T's campus but I didn't pick the minor up until my Junior year. I found out that with all the electives I had taken in the business school that I only needed like 3 more classes to get it so I went ahead and did the damn thang.

I actually didn't have the luxury of choosing A&T. I applied to NYU's Film school. The Broadcasting program at Drexel University, and Florida State was looking at me for a track scholarship. Although, my grades in HS weren't the best. I was smart as all heck just didn't always apply myself. Most classes I did just enough to pass. I was under the impression that colleges only looked at your Junior year, so that year I made honor roll every semester. But that was a damn lie. They looked at all my mess-ups the first two years and I didn't get into NYU or Drexel. Florida State wanted me to leave for this prep program before I even graduated from HS in order to get admitted and I was like hells no. I didn't want to miss my last summer in NY with all my friends, etc. Plus I was tired as hell of running anyway, and didn't want to run in college. I think it was more rebelling because my parents expected me too, but since their was no money from them for school I was like I'm gonna do it my own way and not the way they expect me to. Being a rebellious teenager. I applied to NC A&T because I went on a black college tour the year before that stopped there and I loved it the best of all the black colleges we stopped at and I just wanted to apply to 1 black college. Plus my aunt had just moved to Charlotte, NC about 2 years before I graduated so I knew I would have family close. I'm glad everything played out the way it did though. I wouldn't have changed being an AGGIE for anything in the world. I loved my experience there, and will truly cherish it for the rest of my life.

Did NOT pledge at all. I always had the motto that I wasn't paying anyone to be my friend. And although I understand the history and networking aspect of FRATS and Sororities, its just not the same anymore. It's a complete popularity contest that I didn't feel I needed to be apart. Although if I had pledged, it would have definitely been Delta.

Since graduating I have attended 3 homecomings

Grad school I went to NYU. I was like ya raggedy busters gon let me in for Grad School since you denied me for undergrad and they did. I majored in Music Business but had an elective concentration in Sports Business.


My dad is a good person so if I meet a man just like him and fall in love that would not be a bad thing. I think all men have problems showing emotion and since I am used to it, it doesn't really bother me in relationships when men don't necessarily say how they feel all the time but do things to show that they care. As far as my children having a father like my dad was, I don't fear it at all because it could always be worse. I just pray that they have the understanding and open spirit that I have that your parents aren't always going to be perfect or the best parents in the world.


Um, I don't think life has been hard for me at all. Considering everything I see around me on the daily, I am grateful for everything I have been blessed with. We weren't rich growing up but I never lived in the projects. Even though I complained growing up about being the oldest of 5 and how my mom should have stopped after me, I really don't know what I would have done if I was an only child and love the fact that I have siblings more than anything in the world. Even if I do want to slap them sometimes. Plus, I am my father's only child so it evens itself out. I have only had 1 broken heart when it comes to men and compared to other women, I can't say that has been hard since most women have had many. So NO I don't feel life has been hard for me at all. I am one that loves a challenge anyway, so if you were thinking of me working 3 jobs to save money for school, that was nothing to me. When I put my mind to something I get it done. Have always been like that.

Honesty is what gives me faith in a man. If you can be completely honest with me at all times, I have no reason not to have faith in you. If I know you can tell me anything and feel like you can confide in me completely. If I know you will tell me the truth no matter what, even if you know it will hurt me, that is what makes me keep faith in a man.

I don't think me and my mom can have a deeper relationship. I guess we would have to move in together and be roommates to be in any closer...(and that ain't Me and my mom are like best friends for real. I love her to death! In high school we weren't that close. I really hated my stepfather at the time, and at times I felt she put him before us, but as soon as I moved out of my mom's house my senior year in high school we got really close and have been ever since.

My dad, yes at times I wish we were closer, but I don't really dwell on it. We have our little moments where I feel really good about our relationship, but everything about your upbringing makes you the person that you are, and I love the person that I am so it doesn't really bother me too much.

When I was 16 I wanted to be the female Spike Lee. The reason I applied to Film School at NYU. I wanted my path to go the exact same way as his. It's crazy how much I wrote in high school. I still have some unfinished scripts and treatments from back then. I used to buy scripts from all my favorite movies and read them. I even wrote a 2 hour play for our Christmas Cantata at church one year when I was 16 or 17. I think I was probably the youngest person at my church that had ever written and directed the Christmas program. Crazy how life sways you, even though part of me still sees myself putting at least one movie out one day, its not really my main focus right now.


My birthday is my favorite holiday. I know you saw the! I like to celebrate the week, sometimes the whole damn month.

I have no idea where I would like my honeymoon to be. I probably would let the hubby decide. I love to travel so as long as its somewhere I haven't been before, I am damn near game for anything.

Uh hello missy, of course my favorite color is PURPLE

I want to get a grey pit and a brown pit and I want them both to have blue eyes. I will name them Bleu and Mocha.


Look to my previous answers as to my J-O-B situation... but I shop a numerous boutiques in New York, half of which I don't know the names to I just know how to get there. One store I frequent a lot though is Necessary Clothing. For shoes I live in Aldo's.


The Jaded NYer June 20, 2008 at 9:43 AM

"If I had one wish, it would be to be rich without being famous."

YES!! These are my sentiments exactly!

When I publish my book, my photo will NOT be on the jacket, and if my kids pursue the arts like they say I will make sure the media never catches me out there like Lindsay Lohan's mom... I want people to know my name, not my face.

Smarty Jones June 20, 2008 at 10:15 AM

Good answers.
I feel you on being rich without being famous.
The thing I agree with you on most is the taco meat chest hair. I call it segregated naps. I hate it, with passion. In fact, I hate all chest hair, it ain't natural.

UnKnownDiva June 20, 2008 at 11:04 AM

i don't care what the hell you say.....your answers prove you got it 2gether. keep doin tha damn thang girl!!!

oh yeah n when u get those hollywood contacts let a sistah know cuz lil diva was born to be on somebody's television screen. lol

have a fab weekend!!!

Charles June 20, 2008 at 11:09 AM

Howcome I always miss out on the 'ask me anything' posts??? Damn...I'm slipping...

Anonymous June 20, 2008 at 12:13 PM

I would love to hear more about your experiences in the sports/music field. I think I'm suppose to be working in one of those fields but I don't know what that thing is. I have a niche for sports and music. Maybe I can work for you when you get your company off the ground. **wink** I feel being here in Arkansas is not allowing me to explore my love for sports and music into a career. I really need to leave this state.

Suite B June 20, 2008 at 4:17 PM

Damn, I know all your business now

Keli June 20, 2008 at 8:05 PM

I can't get with the WNBA either...but I prefer watching women's tennis over men's anyday.

G-Sweet June 20, 2008 at 10:58 PM

Hmmm... we got a lot in common...

Martin is easily my favorit show... got 3 seasons of disc sets and if I even see its on I get juiced... my fvaorite drama movie is hands down love jones (nia long is so damn fine in the flick.)

Eb the Celeb June 20, 2008 at 11:29 PM

@unknown diva... thx and have a fab weekend as well!

@Charles- I have no idea bruh?

@southern gal- yeah you definitely gotta get out of arkansas if you really wanna make things happen... atlanta, miami, LA (but I could never move there) and NY are the places to be right now in regards to this type of stuff... so pick a city any city

@Suite B - and dont go telling nobody

@G-Sweet - Are you trying to be my new blog boo... you and all this escort talk first, and now you telling me how much we're alike like we are meant to be blog boo's or something... you are a cutie... might have to take you up on

Rich June 21, 2008 at 12:06 AM

i remember when i first met u online and commented how fly the name eb the celeb was and you said you couldn't be much of a celeb if you had to advertise. Well, looks like you grew into your name cause people shole want to know the 411 on Ms. Eb.

You've lived and interesting and blessed life. I can tell good things are in store for you.

FREEDOM June 23, 2008 at 5:19 PM

You know what? I never really thought of my birthday as being a holiday. Now I’m gonna have to put it in the rotation. LoL

I love surprises so I would let my hubby decide too. I have been to Munich, Germany; Salzburg, Austria; Florence, Venice, Rome in Italy; Paris, France; and London when I was in high school for a summer trip. I would love to revisit some of these cities. Sometimes when you revisit a place, you have already been under new circumstances you will discover something new that you did not experience the first time around. So, do not cancel out re-visiting a place you have already been. It just might prove to be better the second time around!

Great color. Purple is the color of nobility. Kings and Queens.

My uncle has a pit with gray eyes and he is beautiful. I want two great dame’s one grey and one with black and white speckles.

Thanx for answering my questions.

G. Mo June 25, 2008 at 3:15 PM

wow... very insightful

I created the Ask segment on my blog on the 16th (coincidentally a day before you did yours) and aint answered a damn thing yet.... lol

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