Question of the Day: Do you ever choose the old love over the new one?

Everyone lives by the phrase "that person is in your past for a reason" but I'm optimistic that just as some people get married young and grow apart, you can date someone when you are young, break up and they can come back in your life when you are both more mature and in a different place and might just be the person you spend the rest of your life with. All this came about because of the recent reveal of Monica's "Love All Over Me" video. When it premiered last week she left the video open ended asking fans if she should end up with her old love, Rapper Maino, or her new love, LA Laker Shannon Brown. Check out the final version of the video to see who got her LOVE all over them.

Uuuugghhhh if you remember from my post last week this was not the ending I wanted. I like regular guys. I'll pass on the ball players, music industry dudes, and wall street snobs in a minute for a regular guy. Always have their chests out and heads on swole for no reason. I want someone who doesn't define themselves by what they do and most men with the biggest egos its because of their profession. I can't deal with egos and its not in my blood to stroke them so I'd just rather have a regular dude that makes me laugh or an industry guy that acts like a normal guy. Monica just seemed so happy with the old love. Maybe because it was young love, either way I was rooting for Maino. Plus I have a sweet spot for that Hood Love. It also doesn't help that my mother re-married her first husband almost 20 years after the first time they got married and is the happiest I've ever seen her.

Have you ever taken the old love over the new love? If so how did it turn out? What becomes the determining factor between leaving the past in the past or deciding maybe we should try again?

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