All I need is a little consistency

I'm probably the most low maintenance, laid back chick that any dude will ever date. I'm not demanding, I don't need to be taken out all the time. A dinner here and there, a movie here and there, I'll take it but I don't demand it. Hell I've dated a dude that had 3 jobs in the past and his only day off was Sundays and we spent that time at my crib watching football all day. Which of course was my idea because that's where I spend my Sundays. If my Cowboys weren't playing we might go out and watch at a bar but sitting at home with pizza, wings, beer and wine was alright with me.

Because of this all I ask for is consistency. If we have a nice time together, it shouldn't take you 2 weeks to call. If that's how you operate then fine but don't think I am going to drop everything I'm doing because you decide you have time again to fit a phone call to Eb in your busy schedule. Again, I don't ask for a lot of time but I do demand consistency in our interactions with each other.

A simple text or BBM will suffice. If I call you and get no answer a return phone call within 24hours is beyond reasonable in my opinion. Especially if I go out of my way to have my ears wide open for you to vent to me when you are having a problem with something and need someone to talk to.

As soon as men feel like they're in good they slack in consistency and I get bored. In my head it's disrespectful to not give as much as I'm giving since when we do spend time we seem to be on the same page with how things are going. When I feel disrespected it never ends well. In retaliation I'll give even less than you're giving. In some cases that has resulted in me falling back completely.

It never fails a couple months later the legendary phone call of what happened and trying to hang again and by that point I'm beyond over it. I take the time to "date" a couple for entertainment purposes but I "like" slim to none. So if I even recognize your not being consistent it's because I actually like you and it shouldn't be taken lightly. When your bright light has dimmed I don't try to figure out why, I just go get another bulb. (Wait that was a good one! I should put quotes around that.)

Drew Barrymore said it best.“I pray to be like the ocean, with soft currents, maybe waves at times. More and more, I want the consistency rather than the highs and the lows.”

I'd rather not have a good time with a man at all if its going to make me feel like shit after since I don't hear from him for a week. Save the highs and lows for somebody that thrives off that ish. Eb is through with the roller coaster dating.

The ultimate trick though... is being consistent and spontaneous. Is that too much to ask? Lawd I'm never gonna find a boo!

Currently in rotation. Shareefa By My Side feat. Rick Ross. Initially when I first heard this track I wasn't so sure that I liked it. I was more so just happy that Shareefa and her powerful voice were back on the scene. In relation to this topic though, it sits we me so well and is growing on me.

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