He Can Get It : The White Boy Edition

Though I've never dated the lighter nation there are a coupe out here that would make me drop chocolate in the drop of a hat.

1st up Channing Tatum. I've had a crush on him since Step Up. I don't care if since he burned his penis... I would still like to take him for a ride.

Next up is Bradley Cooper. His look goes through his ups and downs because of some of his hair choices but there is no denying how fiiooooone he was in The Hangover.  Every time he came on the screen in the all black everything I wanted to come through it and give it to him all kinds of ways.

Last but not least Ryan Reynolds. He's the innocent cutie. Loved him in Definitely, Maybe and I just finished watching The Proposal and it reminded how much of a cutie he is. Plus he's always playing in these romantic comedies as such a good dude how could you not love him.

Hit me in the comments with some more white boys that can get it. I'm new to lusting after them and need some others to fiend for.

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