Spring is officially underway...get that new boo!

This past Saturday marked the first official day of Spring. It has been beyond lovely in NYC the past couple of days even hitting 70 degrees and it made me feel all gitty all over. Time to nab that spring fling. A couple rules to keep in mind when getting that pedicure, strapping on the cutest open toe shoes, and letting that maxi dress blow in the wind.
1. Be out and about. Ol' boy is NOT going to find you if you are sitting in your apartment all day. Hit up happy hours, hit up events that you've been invited to all winter but refused to go out in the cold. Make sure you go out with only 1 or 2 friends at most. The more chicks you have with you the more competition. Also don't go to the same type of spots so that you attract a diverse roster. One day a party, another a happy hour, another a concert, another a poetry club, another karaoke, a baseball game, whatever you like to do just don't do the same thing all the time or you would get the same results.
2. This is NOT boo a dude up season. This is the time to mix and mingle and have fun so HAVE FUN! This is build your roster time. This is experiment and figure out what you can and cannot put up with so that you know which one you're liking enough to hibernate with when winter comes around. Don't go out looking like your looking. When you are out having a good time they will gravitate towards you.
3. Do NOT, under any circumstances, act on "wanting that ol' thang back." Sometimes we get lazy, and instead of looking for something new you start dating one from the past. Although it's not really dating, its just you two putting up with each other again. We have all been there. Spring is not the season for all that though. When you are looking for that winter boo, that ol' thang is always the default, but in spring, let that fool go!
Those are the 3 rules I live by but I am in no way, shape, or form an expert at all of this because the spring flings always end up getting on my nerves and never graduate into the winter boo. That's what I'm going to work on for this year. Either way, hit me in the comments with advice you having for building the roster of spring boos.

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