Question of the Day : The Call Rule!!!

My tolerance level for dating is extremely low so I want to know what the natural consensus is on the time frame on calling a chick after she gives her number. Last Thursday I gave a dude that I sorta kinda was over the crush I had on him anyway, but he's always checking me out still every time I see him but never says anything so rum finally made me make a move on him. Gave him my number. It's Monday and the fool hasn't called. At this point I'm on some if he does ever call, I don't even care because you shouldn't have waited so long but am I being too cut throat? I wasn't expecting him to call me the next day... that's LAME, but by Sunday evening he should have been calling. In my head, at this point he shouldn't ever call. Am I tripping ladies/gents or am I making sense???

Hit me in the comments with the time frame in which you feel a dude should call after taking your number and men hip us to game on what's going on in your head in regards to calling a chick for the first time!!!

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