Hear me out... on Open Marriage

I'm going to warn you ahead of time that this post might erupt a lot of feelings when it comes to the matter. Some might be good, and some not so much, but I welcome all opinions in the comments.
First and foremost I feel marriage is sacred, and in no way, shape, or form would I ever engage in an open marriage. Quite frankly I don't see the point of getting married if you want it to be open...
UNLESS...and here comes the kicker...
one or both of the spouses is bisexual. We all want to get married and build a family and if you're bi you have to suppress one side of yourself in order for that to happen unless you are in an open marriage. I'm not going to get into intimate specifics but if you are living gay there are some things you might want to get from the real deal from time to time and if you are living straight you might (well I don't understand what you would want to get from the same sex since I'm not gay so I won't even go there trying to understand.)
Many celeb couples have either admitted to or have been rumored to having open relationships and from the above theory it all makes sense to me now.
For instance Jada & Will. Part of me feels like Jada has a thing for women. In my head I don't see her messing with another man outside of her marriage...only women... so I can see how this works for Will. Jada seems like the type of woman that would want it on her own though, so I'm not even sure she is allowing Will to join in but I'm guessing this is an open marriage situation that would work for most men.
Another example is Mo'Nique and her husband. Every time I see him my gaydar goes off. I don't see a straight man when I see him. With Mo'Nique's busy schedule I can see her saying, you know what... while I'm on the road... have your lil fixes with your man-friends.
So although I don't believe in open marriage I do believe there are exceptions to the rule. Now if you have an open marriage and you aren't messing with someone that is the same sex... that's called cheating! I know I know... someone is thinking in their head... Eb isn't it all cheating. YES it is! But for my argument's sake I feel if you are bi-sexual you shouldn't be frowned upon for having an open marriage. I know call me crazy but that's just how I'm feeling right now. It may change tomorrow.

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