Ask Eb : We're sleeping with the same man!!!

Dear Eb:

Me and this guy have been messing around for a while. Nothing serious, we just have a sexual arrangement. The sex is good but we know we aren't right for each other in any other way and it works for us. Recently I saw an associate of mine (we've hung out several times, she's a friend of a friend but we don't really hang all that tough) tag him in a photo on facebook. So when I saw her out I said something to her about knowing my homie. She goes on this huge rant about how they've been talking for a while and she is really digging him and so on and so forth. Me and him talk about everything. Our sexual relationship has been going on and off for a little over 2 years, only off at times when him or I got in a relationship. I bring it up to him and he says he's not digging the chick at all, that when he's bored its just something to do. Should I hint to her about him being a playboy or should I just let her fall flat on her face?


OK Jeri, there is so much going on here. Part of me feels like you aren't really being real with yourself. If you really had no feelings for the guy why did you even approach the chick trying to figure out if anything was going on between them??? But that's not what you asked me so I'll get right to the point. Definitely do not say anything to her. Like you said she isn't really your friend. If she was your friend then I would say you should probably stop sleeping with him and still not tell her. That is if your friendship is more important than your jump off.  But telling a chick that isn't really your friend is like kissing and telling. Maybe he has a change of heart and starts liking her, then you will always and forever get the side eye from her because she knows you slept with her man. Definitely keep getting yours and keep her in the dark about it!

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