VH1's "Interracial love reality show"

At one time seemed like a no brainer but now there is a big controversy regarding why Vh1 last minute decided not to produce the show. If you havent heard The Interracial Love Reality Show, featuring a white father of two sons seeking a black woman as a wife and mother to his boys. The show involved him looking for an educated African American woman and not the type that you would see on say Flavor of Love.

Apparently they recently had a closed door meeting rejecting the show and the following was leaked by a VH1 employee as to what what said in that meeting. "This is not a good fit for us here at Vh1 we are not interested in showing this family or black women in the positive light this show wants to. It is our thoughts that the viewers are more interested in seeing black people in a ghetto role. This show will not sell. Black women are looked at as being ghetto and not educated so we need to pass on this project."

Is it wrong for VH1 to feel this way??? I'm sure this show would not get nearly as many viewers as Flavor of Love or Charm School, but is it right to deny the world diverse content just because it wont be as successful as the norm? Who is going to take the stand and change that norm. Obviously not the so called Black entertainment network, because they just add fuel to the fire and feed into this whole craze of making black people look as ignorant as possible on television.

Will there ever be a balance???

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Smarty Jones September 11, 2007 at 1:51 PM

You know there will never be a balance. As long as television cameras and our counterparts flock to these havens for the "ghetto" black girls with promises of getting on TV and being exposed to the world of entertainment, they will continue to do shows like Flavor of Love, Charm School and all the others that perpetrate this fraud of the outlandishly ignorant, ghetto fabulous black woman.
Those of us who work in corporate America and speak standard English already have it hard enough being a woman and being black now we have to work harder at shattering cliches and stereotypes than we do at our actual jobs.
I want to see a real reality TV show that stars some real black folks trying to do their thing like, "How long will it take you to offend me?"
We send out five professional black folks in different settings and put a timer on how long it will take somebody to almost get their asses beat for, pardon the pun, off color comments.

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