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This past Tuesday Whoopi officially joined the gang at the VIEW. Where they soon announced that another comedienne, Sherry Shepherd would join as their 5th member on September 10th. I was at home all last week because I got Lasik surgery so I was able to catch her on one day and she was great. Although this brought a lot of questions. I dont think they have ever had 2 Black co-hosts on the View at the same time, so why now, and why 2 comedienne's?

First and foremost, I dont want to take anything from Whoopi, She is an icon, and changed the face of what African Americans are on the big screen. She has won many awards including a Tony, so she is much more than a comedian, but her roots stem from comedy. Why not a doctor, lawyer, public speaker, or author? Why another comedian? I have nothing against Sherri Shepherd but come on, she's in the new movie "Who's your caddy?" Watch the video here if you dont know what I am talking about.

Now I dont want to relay the impression that Sherri is incompetent because she plays in movies like this, but I have to wonder if her being added is a ploy to defer from controversy. (Since Star always put in her law 2 sense). Whoopi used to be pretty controversial but has been pretty low key in her mature years. Again I ask, why 2 comedians??? Am I looking too deep into this? Please comment and let me know if I am over analyzing this or if there is some underlying motive here that black women have overlooked just because we are so overjoyed that they have broken the token black woman panelist with 2?

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Bklyn's Finest September 10, 2007 at 8:34 AM

you share the thoughts I had.. *by the way congrats on lasik.. I had it back in may*..

anywhoo.. Whoopi is controversial and already had them heffa's skirts in a bunch when she defended Michael Vick.. LOL.. although I didn't think Sherri would be the next one they chose, she has sat in before as a "guest" host and did a good job and held her own.

As for them choosing comedians over "journalists".. I dunno.. Jackie Reed was awfully dry when she was a guest host and out of the past guests, Sherri was one of the better ones..

I think it might actually work.. but lets see how "quiet" they make Sherri..

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