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So I promised I would write about it but I really dont want to. It was really, really lame. It was about 400 degrees in the place. There were some nice looking guys in there but everyone was so annoyed at the temperature that they didnt want to be near anyone. I have to confess I got there really late though, but I dont think that would have made a difference. I had one drink and left. But I did here a couple conversations by some guys in there... and no I wasnt eaves dropping they were just talking really loud. One of them was like "I dont like talking to girls in this dim lighting, you see them the next day in the light and they look totally different." Then other guy follows up with "and what is this... every big girl in nyc come out and try to find a man night." I cant front... there were a lot of big girls in there... but our big girls need love too. Anyway, I ended up at the time hotel living it up at a sports mixer. Had a blast there and met a lot of new and unique individuals in this crazy industry. The lesson I learned, never go to a dating event looking to find a date, because you will most likely be disappointed. I dont know why I imagined men that were in that issue with all the distinguished gentlemen and such were going to be in there. But whatever, it was an experience.

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Mystifiedlady September 24, 2007 at 11:32 AM

LOL...all the cool people were at the Sports Mixer. It was great meeting you and I'll be emailing you an article to potentially blog about.

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