I am not: one to mess wtih
I hear: Duke Ellington's "In a sentinmental mood" 24/7
I regret: nothing, but learn from my mistakes
I care: for my family
I always: try to be true to myself first
I long to: be in love but when the time is right
I feel alone: when its valentines day and I dont have one
I hide: the fact that I'm a romantic at heart
I drive: like a new yorker... the best their are!
I sing: but I never said I was good at it
I dance: because I love it
I write: because it soothes my soul
I breathe: because God has enabled me to
I play: with my Nintendo Wii
I miss: my brother who recently left for bootcamp and the rest of the fam
I search: for peace of mind
I say: mostly what others want to say but dont have the guts to
I feel: blessed and in favor because it could be a lot worse
I succeed(ed): by staying sane when dealing with corporate america
I fail(ed): to take whatever is handed to me
I dream: of a having my own company by the time I'm 30
I sleep: peacefully
I wonder: why I am crushin' on a guy that nothing can ever come of
I want: to be a Renaissance Black Woman
I worry: that I let my career prioritize over family and relationships
I have: too many CD's
I give: the best that I've got
I fight: about everything... but I'd rather use the word debate
I am: complex
I can’t: wait to publish a book of poetry
I stay: in Harlem, NY
I will: try to be a better person
I can: be a b*tch sometimes
I would: move to Turks & Caicos if I could
I might: stop eating pork, but I just love bacon!
I like: meeting new people that are multi-dimensional
I love: writing poetry, feeling loved, and traveling
I smile: when I can make someone else smile
I frown: when life brings its follies
I read: a lot of poetry, magazines, and thought provoking books
I work: at ESPN

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