A week from today...I need Harlem's District 9 to VOTE!!!

Anyone who reads my blog knows that politics has never been a part of my Renaissance life, although in the past year and a half with both a woman and African American man running for President, I finally started paying attention. I finally started believing that my vote actually counted. Since I've met some wonderful people in politics that have enlightened me on the importance of politics on a smaller scale. A great person and friend, Landon Dais, who you might remember from the BET series Harlem Heights, is putting into action what they rarely showed on that show. He is taking all the necessary steps needed to make Harlem a better place by running for City Council of District 9. Granted this doesn't effect many of you who read my blog, but living in District 9 it definitely effects me.

On a larger scale though, whatever district you are in please take the time to vote next week. These people are the ones that directly effect your community but no one ever comes out to vote. After speaking with Landon, I learned that he only needs 5,000 votes to win. Its sad that such a small amount of people come out to vote where only 5,000 votes can determine a winner. So I am calling all my renaissance people to get involved this year if you've never been involved before, and if you're in District 9 in Harlem take the time to check out Landon's website, learn his policies and what he wants to do to better our community, and vote for him on September 15th.


The Jaded NYer September 8, 2009 at 2:34 PM

girl thanks for reminding me! I keep meaning to read up on the fools running in my area & always forget.

I blame Twitter & Netflix!! lol

Video Vix[o]n September 9, 2009 at 11:02 PM

it's really cool to see a tv personality take the next step in the right direction...

i should vote that day too, but i have jury duty, so i hope i can make it...

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