Randomosity, Randomination, & some Randominificense

I have not done a random post in seems like forever. So much is on my mind so that its the perfect time to get one poppin'

First and foremost. Trey Songz done started something. Ever since I heard this song.

I've been searching for 1 that can make it feel like he invented sex.

Are you watching 4th & Long? If not you get a cyber slap. I've developed a deeper love for fooball since watching and an even deeper love for latin men. Makin' me think I need to try one for a whirl because Steve Gonzalez can get it all kinds of way. YES!

Sistasports.com is looking for sistas who love sports that want to contribute to the blog. Hit me up via email for more info but basically we want ladies who can contribute one editorial piece per week pertaining to any aspect of sports.

I saw Melissa Joan Hart in Pop Burger yesterday. She was eating with her husband and two babies. Her husband... whew lawd is fionneee... Makes me want to get something new fo real if they look like that.
He's so NOT photogenic though. I went searching through like 20pages of google images and this was the best one I could find, but in person... yes... very handsome.

What the hell is up with chicks buzzing the side of their head. 1st Cassie

and now Lala

Why would anyone sleep with Lil Wayne. I mean really he looks like he stinks. Ewe. Ugh. Supposedly Lauren London and Nivea are both pregnant by him right now. I guess its a remake of the 2 chicks that T.I. got pregnant a couple months from each other. SMDH!

Usher and Tameka are getting a divorce! Does anyone care? Nope! Does this surprise anyone? Nope! Moving on!

Dad didn't send me anything for my birthday last month. All I got was a happy birthday text. His birthday was 10 days after and I didn't even bother to do that. Is that wrong? Father's Day is Sunday and part of me doesn't even want to send him a card. Hell stamps are getting expensive.

Has anyone been watching The View... seems like Sherri has been biting her tongue and not speaking much lately... hmmm... could she be on her way out???

I need a Revival!

Just in case you missed the huge box at the top. Subscribe to EB-TV by going to www.youtube.com/EbtheCelebTV Thx!

NYC weather has sucked hot sweaty monkey balls the last week and a half. Almost everyday it was either gloomy or raining.

I need a 9-5!!!

Did I say I was looking for someone who is going to make me think he invented sex. Sorry, I felt the need to reiterate.

Popeyes has that $1.99 2-piece special. I had that mess 3 times last week, may go there again tonight. Can't beat that!
I still need to go down south sometime soon though so I can get my Bojangles fix.

I cried this past weekend. My first time crying in a long time. Want to know why I cried?

Because I went to see HANGOVER.... OMG... I cried like 3 times during the movie. The major cry, and stomach hurt so bad I had a 6pack when I left the theater laugh was when the naked gay asian jumped out the trunk of the car.
Lawd, I couldn't stop laughing. Ewe and then when they showed his stuff... and it was nothing but hair, no dick, no balls, just napped up asian hair where his genitalia should have been, I lost it. Sorry if I ruined it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet but I promise I did it no justice. You will still damn near piss your pants from laughter. It is a MUST SEE!

Alright... that's all that's on my mind for right now. Happy Monday tweeples!


Miss BB is... June 15, 2009 at 8:28 PM

I doubt I call my dad on FD either so nope, I don't think you're wrong if you don't want to. Long gone are the days of "obligation."

Video Vix[o]n June 15, 2009 at 10:50 PM

gots to see Hangover... probably see it solo... tired of waiting for ppl to see movies...

Melissa Joan Hart pregnant? really?

chick buzzing off hair... not a good look, literally...

girls prego w/ Lil' Wayne? can you say "Predator" lookin' boy?

you can't be promoting chicken like that... gettin' negros hungry in this ish...

cried on a trip back from Boston... sometimes, you just need to...

Anonymous June 16, 2009 at 10:36 AM

Still haven't seen Hangover. I haven't heard one bad word about it yet.

I'm mad I've missed the first few episodes of 4th & Long. I just started watching it a few weeks ago.

I'm a TI stan. I didn't know about him getting 2 girl's pregnant. SMH These folks better act like AIDS is real.

PRIMO June 16, 2009 at 11:10 AM

Yes You defintely need to try a latino..... Yes Indeed. Absolutely!

Lil Wayne. [Throws Up] I Still shudder at the fact that someone so heavenly like Lauren London even breathed the same air as his Deep Sea Creature lookin self. [Gags]

People Are giving Cassie too much credit. I mean really. Cassie? Trendsetter? Kelis did it years ago.

Usher & Who Again????

Mimi June 16, 2009 at 12:51 PM

Lil Wayne is absolutely disgusting to me! And to think, I actually used to have a crush on him in high school! UGH *barf*

I guess I'll jump on the Hangover bandwagon and go see it.

The F$%K it List June 16, 2009 at 1:41 PM

I will be seeing Hangover this weekend. I need a good laugh.

UGH I told ya'll that sh$T about LIl Wayne months ago, and his troll under the bridge a$$. BLECHHH the thought of getting down with him Raw makes me want to place bleach in my uterus. BLECCCHHHHH

spchrist June 17, 2009 at 1:41 PM

I haven't seen the movie "Hangover" yet...but I probably should go see it soon. Everyone I know...said they love it.

xxxx June 18, 2009 at 7:21 AM

So yes hangover was funny seeing it again tonight.. Def loved the ends with the old lady giving the blow job in the elevator. Two the shaving of the head is like two years old kesh did it first lol so cassie looks like an alien. Bojangles will def disappoint you I had it two days ago when I was in nc and I threw it outm yuck. The weather makes me want to go back to school in atlanta don't know why I came up here with a bag full of dresses and sandals at that. I will be scared to have a baby with lil wayne terrified that my child would come out looking like him not me.

Turn me up a lil June 18, 2009 at 8:20 PM

My neighborhood popeyes will not adhere to this $1.99 special. They won't even advertise it....

Tony Stark June 20, 2009 at 8:38 AM

yo, you stopped by my page but never did answer that question.......


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