2 tracks for my ladies that are reppin' all kinds of sexin'!!!

On this first joint there's no need to do a lead in. I'll just quote Ray L and then you can go ahead and click on his pic to listen.

"Shawty be begging me to come cover. She know I'm a beast with it. I be gobbling gobbling gobble gobbling gobbling til its gone. She said I'm #1 with my tongue. Treat that thing like dessert y'all. Put my bib on and go to work y'all...loving when I kiss it & I lick it." *fans self & changes panties*
Whew lawd Ray L, Ray Lavender, Ray Lav...whatever you want me to call you this week you can't be doing me like that boo. His track "Tongue" also features Unladylike and I really like these chicks. They're album dropped last year on Def Jam without a lot of promotion but the chicks can spit and definitely rep for the ladies on this joint. Gunna straight kills her verse.

On to the next one...

I love K. Michelle's gangsta...and she cracks me up on twitter. She took R. Kelly's Number One, grabbed Keri Hilson from the original and added Keyshia Cole to do a remix that reps for the ladies. I am loving everything about it. This is probably the best I've heard Keyshia's voice ever. Its so controlled! I kinda wish R. Kelly wasn't on the hook but besides that I have no complaints. Great lap dance song. Ooooooowww! Click on the pic to listen.

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