Question of the Day: This thing called Silent Stalking

I'm not going to call it Cyber Stalking. Cyber Stalking is malicious, you post angry comments on their sites, threatening comments even, and charges can be filed against you. No Eb is not one of them. I'm a silent stalker. When intrigued by someone so much you just want to stare at their pictures and blow kisses.

OK I'm not blowing kisses. Its extremely X-rated and imaging what they look like naked. Sometimes I even look directly in their eyes wondering what they were thinking when that moment of their life was captured on film. I skim they're pages wanting to know what they've been up to and if they've updated anything, but never comment. Silent stalkers never leave any trails that you even know anything about them. Or it can be someone that you know that doesn't know that you're that intrigued by them because you play it so cool in their presence. Yeah that's what I am right now. The silent stalker. I don't think anything is wrong with it, but you know to ease my own personal sanity I have to ask my people out there if they've ever done this so I know I'm not the only one LOL.

Lately its kinda gotten obsessive with this one particular patron. To the point that I was up in the wee hours of the morning writing a poem about it. It's ridiculously doofy and I'm so disappointed I let it get to this point, but I've decided to share anyway. #dontjudgeme Check it out!

S.C.S (Silent Cyber Stalker)

Somehow I end up on your myspace
even though I don't have a page
Praying to God it isn't private
So I can see your face
Same pictures as before
but something about this profile gives them a special glow

You're on facebook a lot more than myspace
so this is where I stalk you most
Your status updates and wall posts are always so enlightening
Sometimes this is all I need to get my daily dose
...of you
Mobile uploads ensure I have fresh pics that make me swoon
Imagining what I'd do if I got you alone in a room

You're youtube vid took too long to load
Damn near threw my computer across the room
Feenin' to see your manneurisms...
and that thing you do with your lips
1 night I sat and watched all your damn clips
Your quirks, your tatts, your charm, your smile
Oh I like that right there, let me download that file

I know what you do for a living
So I don't why I'm on your linkedin
Now I'm starting to think I'm crazy
When did this all begin?
There is something about your voice, vids, words, and pics
That intrigue me far more than your profession, "situation," and dick

Let's not even get on twitter
This might very well be the place it started
Finding myself checking your timeline before my own @ replies
That's where my loss of sanity lies
But your words are so eloquent they marinate my thoughts
Hoping no drunk tweets ever leave me caught
...out there
This has to forever remain my secret
You can never know that the instances when you @ reply me
Of my 2,000 plus followers, you're all I see

What I love most is seeing how much you've grown
Hairstyle and grooming mistakes you've made in past years
Always bring a smile to my face
Silent stalking keeps me in a happy place
Sheltering myself from possible rejection since you'll never know
So I'll continue filling my hard drive with your grown man swag
Silent stalking makes you the best I never had

Copyright © 2010 by Jonesin' Enterprises All rights reserved worldwide. No part of this may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission.

Yeah so all of this is our little secret. I have no plans of ever telling HIM that I've been silently stalking all his social networking sites. This is my first time doing this, outside of someone I was actually messing with, so this all seems unnatural to me. He'd probably think I was crazy as hell off the gate. Quite frankly I don't even think I like him (yet), just something about his being fascinates me.

The question of the day is :

Have you ever silent stalked someone, and if so did you ever tell them about it?


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