All shades of men #in2010

Those that follow me on twitter already know that in 2010 I'm going to experiment heavily in the dating world. Dating has become so much of a chore that I barely did any of it in 2009 and previous years before that I have strictly stuck to my type and wouldn't go outside the lines at all. In college it was the tall, caramel, pretty boys. Basketball player build. Post college I realized I was over dating the dudes that thought they were prettier than me and that every chick wanted. Since moving to NYC in 2004 I've been strictly in chocolate brolic mode. The tall, dark skinned defensive lineman type frames *swoons* just thinking about it puts me in bliss. But I think I'm over them too. The egos get old after a while.

I've gotten flack from friends for having not ever dated a white guy, and I still haven't tried a latino either. Hell I've never even dated a light skinned black dude. So in 2010 I'm going to experiment with all shades of men. This should be fun.

I've made a schedule of the type of men I'm going to go after based on the different quarters in the year. Now granted there will be overlap if one too fine to pass by is in my presence and its not their quarter but I'll try to stay on track and I'll be documenting how it all went with that particular shade at the end of that quarter.

1st quarter is well under way and I've had absolutely no luck with so far in the red bone department. This includes both black red bones and latin men. So if you're out there get at me.

2nd quarter is all about the caramels. I'm going to take the average looking caramels this time around instead of the uber pretty boys.

3rd quarter it will be the summer so I'm going to attack all shades. Red bone, caramel, but I'm going to put an extra effort into scoping out spicy latinos. I mean it is summer right... gotta keep things hot!

4th quarter, and the one I'm the most nervous about, is when I'll be on the prowl for my first white guy.

Wish me luck everybody.

Part of this experiment is going about unconventional ways to find dates. If you know of any please let me know. The homie Kel Spencer has bamboozled me into taking his speed dating event for a whirl. He's been creeping and stalking and inviting himself into our salons with his Salon Stories project and now thinks he's the advocate of making men and women understand each other. Can't knock the man's hustle... any info I can get to help me in the least bit understand why men do the crazy, retarded, trifling things they do and then sometimes surprise you and do something nice, is all good with me. Here's all the info
Saturday, February 6, 2010
5:00pm - 9:00pm
Crossroads Supper Club
402 3rd Street & 6th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
$15 For entry OR only $10 w/ an RSVP to

Now I know some of you are like Eb.... I don't know about this speed dating thing. I guarantee you its going to be kosher... If you have any doubts check this vid because this is exactly what you are thinking right now.

Yo and if the pickings are whack... Kel said we could strip him down and beat him to a pulp for wasting our Saturday that we usually would have spent in the salon complaining about men anyway.

On a more serious note, Kel is really onto something. Make sure you follow @salonstories and check out the soundtrack behind the project that's hosted by MC Lyte HERE.

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