Question of the Day: Loving the mind versus loving the heart

Of the 3, it's easiest to love a body right for the most part but what if you had to choose between a man that loves your mind right and a man that loves your heart right.

Let me break it down.

The one who loves your mind right is the one that's extremely smart. The one who you love being around because he enlightens you. News you may have missed her is always up on. He reads a lot, he thrives on learning new things and lives to stimulate your mind. Although this is the man who doesn't love your heart right. Forgets things that are most important to you, won't say I love you even if it meant losing you. The one who refuses to be in touch with his sensitive side enough for you to truly fall for him. Do you wait it out hoping you can teach this man to love you the way you want, need, and deserve to be loved?


Do you go for the man that is romantic. Remember your first time doing everything. The one who takes your feelings into consideration even if they are ones he didn't evoke. The one who really listens and worships the ground you walk on. Yet he is scattered brained. Has no real career, likes to go with the flow, most times when you are speaking of some sort of world news he has no idea what you are talking about and have no interest to learn about it either.

Question of the Day: Who would you choose?

The smart man incapable of genuine love?

Or the genuine lover who isn't the brightest dude on the block?

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