Question of the Day: Do you go on dates just for something to do?

So I have a date this weekend. Not interested in dude in the least bit. He's divorced and had 3 kids in the marriage. #iaintgottime. Plus he's not even really my type. Spark up some funny convo at a bar last week because I was clowning his brother who was trying to mack and then we ended up vibin.' He made me laugh so I offered to buy him a drink. Just being cordial plus he was only drinking corona's and I guess he felt that was his in that I was trying to holla at him.

Hint ladies... I've bought drinks for a couple dudes in my day and it has them open. So if you really trying to nab one... have a waitress bring him a drink while you stand across the room and you'll have his number before you leave that night LOL

Anyway back to the point. Do you go on dates just for something to do? That's the only reason I'm going. Hell dates come few and far between round these parts so I'm really only going because he was cool and it's something to do? Am I wrong for that when I know I'm not the least bit interested?

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