He Can Get It: Lamman Rucker

Now y'all know I love me some chocolate and Lamman Rucker has loads of it that I would be ready to indulge in in an instant.

The dimples.

What dude do you know that has 3 dimples? You can't really see it here because of his beard but that man even has a dimple in his chin.

That dimple in the chin just melts my heart every time. I wanna stick my tongue in it and see if it will disappear. LOL

Oooh oooh oohh he just gave me the eye and I'm always down for some wine!

Did I mention he was a nice tall glass of chocolate milk. 6'3' to be exact. Whew lawd!

And those lips. Sitting they all supple ready to be sucked on. Especially that bottom one. Y'all know I got a thang for bottom lips and his is perfection.

Outside of being incredibly sexy and a great actor he's an entrepreneur. What woman doesn't like an entrepreneur? Plan, drive, execute is not only something that is mind blowing in the bedroom. LOL. He recently launched his own natural bath and body care line called Forplai.

Do you see that flavor savor? Whew lawd fans self!!!! I gotta figure out a way to make him have a passion for Eb's life and a passion for Eb's spirit. LOL

This would be the perfect Valentines Gift for any men out there that still have no idea what to get. Also tickets to his Off- Broadway play "Black Angels Over Tuskegee" would be a nice touch as well.

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